Visiting Grampa and Gramma’s

Because every little girl should wear a pink tutu when out and about on the farm.

Still have the old rotary down in the auger shed. Where my sister and I would call our friends when we didn’t want ears outside the den door.

There was a calf bawling, so we walked down to the yards to make sure everything was alright.

All was well, a baby crawled under the fence in the fat yards and couldn’t figure how to get back to his mama.

Can you find the baby Longhorn? Granddog Amos Moses was wanting to play but was told no.

Nice evening at the folks’.


Recital 2018

Oh how I miss the days My Girl was young and danced…the yearly recital at The Orpheum in The City was always such a big to-do…

Haven’t been in a couple years, but this year was my niece’s last and I couldn’t miss her big night.

Had to break out the winter clothing, we’re in the midst of another cold spell. Seldom have the opportunity to get all done up.

Something new this year were the metal detectors….I failed and had to be wanded…my brother failed and after the 4th attempt with the wand was let through. Added excitement for the night.