Tuesday 26. November 2019

Watching a Hallmark Christmas movie with my Sweet Finn tonight, he’s all snuggled up in his nest of a blanket, next to me here on the couch.  The wind and snow is swirling outside, snow stuck to the windows thanks to the sleet we had earlier in the evening.  No school tomorrow for neither me nor The Boy…schools called off earlier this evening.  Second snow of the season and by far worse than the first.

I normally don’t begin watching Christmas shows before Thanksgiving, but feeling sentimental this year…well more so this early in the season anyhow.  This snow storm started in Colorado yesterday, so The Girl was hit with this storm, being in Nebraska, calling off her and Dingbat’s trip home for Thanksgiving.  Feeling sorry for myself, I guess…this year is their year for staying out west for Christmas, so we don’t get her for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year and I have to say it’s getting to me.  Oh, she’ll be home in two weeks for my dad’s family Christmas gathering (Dingbat won’t be able to make it, selling cattle that weekend), it just won’t be a same though…having Christmas before Christmas.

Actually started thinking about Thanksgivings of old earlier today and that is what more or less started my “holiday sadness”…this year will be Old Boy, The Boy and myself with my folks, possibly my brother, doubtful his kids will come, they tend to go where their mother tells them to go, so they’ll be with their other side of the family.  My sister and her family are staying home this year, doing their own thing…she had some complaint about mom saying she’s not doing turkey anymore and so on and so forth…if she’s not bitching or being arrogant she’s not happy…so it will be better without that attitude to spoil the day.  Still….

When we were kids, each year we had a large family gathering with my mom’s side of the family.  Gramma, four siblings and all their kiddos…the place was packed.  This was when people still DRESSED UP for family gatherings.  The day would be filled with playing with the cousins and so much wonderful food.  The day would last and last. At a certain point in the day the cousins would start begging for the old family movies, Uncle Gene or dad would get out the movie projector and the screen and we’d watch the old films from before most of our time, when my brother and sister were the only grandchildren and Grandpa was still alive.  When the gathering was at our farm, and we wouldn’t have to leave early for evening cattle chores, Uncle Gene and Aunt Kate would stay (they had a couple hour drive home) and Uncle Gene would make grilled turkey sandwhiches…they were the best!  Have never in my life been able to make them taste near as delicious as Uncle Gene’s, his secret had to have been love!

Even in the early years of Old Boy and my dating and married years both sides of our families would have large family gatherings for Thanksgiving…the first ever family function I went to of his was Thanksgiving 1989.  We’d have noon with his family and evening with mine, the day lasted ALL DAY.  We don’t have those anymore, seems as though too many just don’t want to do it anymore and I don’t get it.  Maybe one has to be a sentimental old fool like me to want to continue with these old traditions.

Hoping the mood changes and that this year will be a good one after all.

Until Again,


Saturday Morning

Bonding with my Finn, watching a holiday baking show. After working the school library yesterday, definitely feel the want to rest my sore tootsies.


Thursday 24. October 2019

‘Tis that time of night~I’m the only one yet up and about~my favorite time of the day~late evening.  Such a peaceful time.  

The seasons have begun to change, autumn is in full swing…have had quite a bit of precipitation and chilly weather, the leaves have really been coming down.  Come autumn I’m always so happy to live in the country, we don’t have to rake leaves!  I love the look of the leaves carpeting the ground.  Always my favorite time of the year…although dread for it to end when the snow begins to swirl.  

I’m now back to being a mostly stay-at-home mom although in all reality I’m not needed so much now that our youngest is in his next to last year of high school.  Although working as an aide is only a “part time” position, my opinion is working only a few hours short of 40 hours a week is a full time job without the perks.  But, my opinion.  I was getting more and more behind with my work at home and feeling so tired from being on my feet all day and dealing with middle school “drama”…working only for something to do, it was apparent that something had to give…put my two weeks in and last Friday was my last day.  I will continue working as a sub up to two days a week, so will still get to see the kiddos and be of some help and get out of the house a bit.  

Not until last Thursday when I finally had to begin to the let the kiddos know that I was going to be leaving, did I realize just how important aides can be to these kiddos at such a crazy time in their youth.  Had not expected the crying, the “no, you can’t leave”, the “what am I going to do without you to talk to when I need to” type of heart hurting comments to be made.  Last year when I was hired the now retired middle school principal had said in the aides not so much of a teacher type person was wanted but more of a mother/grandmother type person.  The kids feel upset or frustrated or feel the need to vent, they…at least at our school…tend to come to the aides before the teachers or guidance counselor.  It’s not uncommon for when told a kiddo should really go to a teacher, the guidance counselor or the principal for said kiddo to ask if the aide can go with or maybe just talk to the person first.  It’s easy to become attached to the kids you’ve learned haven’t had it easy in life, especially when that kid who acted out so much has become a better behaved kid…you feel almost like you had a small part in that.  Those kids have a way of getting into a person’s heart.

When my kids were in school and would talk about certain aides or resource teachers being those they felt they could go to when stressed or having trouble with a class or a teacher I did not understand. There were no aides when I was in school.  I can absolutely understand if a parent would get upset by a child finding an adult at school to be their person to go to when having a hard time, I remember feeling that way with my oldest, but I totally get it and so thankful she had those few adults so could go to who could understand her because they were with her in the place she was having a hard time, they were able to do so much more for her.  

My son has a couple a ladies in high school he has a relationship with that I am so thankful for, that have helped him with his struggles in school with his learning difficulties.  Have told him that I’m glad he has those he can go to when another teacher has made him mad or feels treated him unfairly, someone who can help him navigate those rough waters and teach him how to do better.  Have learned those kids will come running with big grins on their faces and showing that really great grade they got in a class they’d been struggling with!  

Can you tell I miss my kiddos?  It also helps make an old lady feel of worth when her kids are basically all grown. Definitely do not miss the politics of the running of the place…nor do I miss the getting up early and going to bed early.  Not easy for a night owl.  

I do so love the peace of the evening!  

Until again…melmpf    


The Machine

Slowly getting the new group of 6th graders and the older kids I didn’t have last year acclimated to my way. Haven’t had anyone in days ask what I mean when told to, “go get your machine”, not has anyone corrected me saying, “it’s not a machine, it’s a Chromebook. ”

Last year I began to teach the kids to just humor me, I’m old, just go with the flow. I get the biggest kick when one of the yahoos use one of my old sayings…they really do listen! Now if they’d just start picking up on “flying under the radar”, it’s something my mother has told me kids for years…”just keep under the radar, you get in less trouble that way.” It’s funny how they are so surprised when they get in trouble doing something they’ve been told numerous times to not do or they’d get in trouble.

Not always an easy job, but working with those junior high kids really does brighten my day more often than not.

Until Again!