Cattleman of the Year 2015

This is my dad…talk about an honor!  The beginning of January my sister-in-law asked for my cell number, saying that my little brother wanted it.  (he’s the one talked about at the end of the video)  I thought, what in the hell did my husband do now, couldn’t think of any other reason why Marty would want to call me.  He never did, but a few days later I did receive a call on my cell and a voice mail asking me to call this guy when my dad wasn’t around.  (I’m one of those people who leaves their cell volume off, people are always cussing that I’m next to impossible to get hold of.  Leave a message people!)

Anyway, I called this fellow and he said that my dad was chosen to be our counties Cattleman of the Year!  This goes to one guy each year at our annual banquet and it’s supposed to be a surprise.  My little brother knew, but my older brother, (actual brother) wasn’t to know, they wanted him to be surprised too…didn’t know how they were pulling it off being that he’s a board member as well…

So, as the month wore on I dug through pictures.  Had our daughter who’s going to college for agriculture “interview” dad for a paper she had to write for one of her classes.  

Dad had to have been wondering, I have never gone to the banquet, just the dance afterward…my sister and her husband came and they don’t ever come at all, even my mother, who hasn’t gone in years, came.  We used the excuse that my birthday was the day before and that was what I asked for for my birthday.

Dad sure looked surprised when his name came up on the screen.  When they called him up to the stage, he couldn’t even speak, he just waved a thank you.  A week later, Kaet and I are still on the “list”…he feels that there are so many others that should have been honored.  Needless to say, we felt he deserved it…he’s a pretty awesome guy!

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