Close Your Eyes

Don’t you ever close your eyes and wish that you could go back to your childhood?  I know most people say that if they could go back, that they wouldn’t.  I’m of the camp that says, if I could still have my children, and still have the lessons I’ve learned in my adulthood, than yes…sign me up!


I had an almost magical childhood.  The early years anyway.  The first negative I really remember was 5th or 6th grade and that was because of family crap, not so much peer related crap, although that came shortly after.

Growing up on a farm was the best I can imagine childhood ever being.  We had so much freedom, no electronics, only a few tv channels and no 24 hour cartoon channels.  How my mother was ever able to keep her sanity while we were out on the farm, exploring and experimenting, for hours on end, seldom checking in, I’ll never know.

I grew up on a farm that was on a major blacktop road in our area, our fields were on both sides of the highway.  We were always going back and forth, walking the fence line around both fields just for something to do.  That was a couple hour walk right there.  My sister and I would walk to the stop sign and back, about three miles round trip.  We wouldn’t always say we were going, we’d just get a wild hair and go.  Imagine kids these days going on a walk like that, just for something to do?  My kids would have the big one if I asked them to go with me on a long walk like that.  Last time I sent the kids out on a walk on a nice winter day they took their b.b. guns with them for protection, they were 12 and 19 at the time.

This past summer I was taking pictures of my daughter and her best friend before they headed off in different directions for college and asked them to get up on the big round bales, an 18 and 19 year old that didn’t know how to climb up on a round bale, I was shocked.  My friends and cousin and I were always out climbing the stacks of hay bales, the big round ones and small rectangle ones…it was fun.  We’d run over the long lines of stacked bales, jump off them and climb right back up and go again.  It’s amazing we never broke any body parts doing that, we were like monkeys.

A friend of mine and I would go and sit in the cab tractor and pretend we were farming, we’d talk on the cb, which got us in trouble a time or more.  We’d go sit in mom’s blazer at night and pretend we were on a road trip.  We had imaginations, something I’ve seldom ever seen in my children.

We would get a wild bur and get the horses out and ride them bareback around the farm, we didn’t need saddles.  We’d saddle the horses in the winter and go out to the pasture and pretend we were cattle rustlers and chase my brothers Santa Gertrudis herd, and would get in trouble for running them.  We’d pretend we were scouts for a wagon train.

When I see my children now, I feel so bad for them.  Growing up in this day and time with all the gadgets and tv channels, they’ve lost so much.  Arguing with the kids to go out when the weather is nice is exhausting.  I’m sure they get tired of the, when I was a kid, stories.  But, damn it, they’ve missed out on so much…we live on 11 acres with a grove that would be great for building forts, yet they can’t find anything to do.

Sometimes it’s just great to sit back and remember when and wish, if I could only go back for day!

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