The Winter Blahs

Really needing a kick in the ass this week.  Finally hit me earlier this evening that this house may have been hit with the winter blahs.  It’s been nice out, but not nice enough to get out and do too much.  There is still a chill in the air and we have mud up the ass.

Not complaining, we could be dealing with the mess the east is having to deal with, I wouldn’t want to be wanting to deal with that right now.

Seems to be all three of us, Kirk has been feeling like crud and in bed early the past two nights.  Bubba and I turned “How To Train Your Dragon 2” on after supper and we were both down for the count.  After the movie he actually went to bed, that usually would have been enough of a snooze to have kept him up until midnight with my constant telling him to get to bed.  He didn’t even argue when I told him to put the electronics on the kitchen counter after supper.

We are needing to find something to give us all a swift kick and get our back sides moving.  Keep reminding myself that spring is almost here, maybe getting started on some much needed spring cleaning with be what it takes to get so motivation going around here!


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