My Circus

This little bugger has been feeling the need to help me crochet tonight…


..can’t say as he’s the best help, but he means well and loves to snuggle with his mama.  Can’t get too far away from my Finn.

Then there’s Miss Ruby Pearl…


She’s in bed with her sick papa.  He isn’t able to get too far from her.

She tends to think she’s bigger than she is…

2015-02-12 22.23.02

This is her a few days ago, thinking she was going to kick Nixon’s butt, he didn’t even flinch.

We’ve pretty much lost control around here.

Earlier today, while cleaning up and doing some vacuuming, I realized I’ve lost control of my house to my guys,


This is my living room, and as much as I can’t stand it…our mud room as well.

I’ve given up, think I’m going to run away to the circus, it has to be quieter there 🙂

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