Is it spring yet?

Lately I’ve really, REALLY, been trying not to complain…we could have it so much worse…in all actuality we’ve had a really good winter.  It’s been stinkin’ cold as hell, but at least we have had some breaks…we’ve had snow, but nothing like out east.  We have been really fortunate, but SERIOUSLY, enough of winter already!  

My boys and I have really been fighting the winter blues the past week or so.  We have been fighting going into hibernation on an almost daily basis around here.  So ready for some spring temps, I promise I won’t even complain when our gravel road turns into a muddy slop hole!  

On a plus side, the daughter went to Minneapolis last week for a business conference with some of the guys from her college.  Farm kids go to the big city!

Kaet Min. Trip 2

She’s been to Denver and Minneapolis in the past month.  She’s now done the whole public transportation thing.  Has had a taxi driver ask if the kids knew where to buy meth.  She’s stayed in a five star hotel and a real dump complete with the experience of having a guy knocking on the doors asking if anyone had seen his hooker.  Quite the experience for a girl who grew up in such a small town rural area where the two closest towns have a population of about 100 people, depending on the direction of the wind on any given day.  

So tickled to see her having such experiences at such an early age!  She sure struggles with her studies, doesn’t always like school, doesn’t always like being so far away from home.  Kirk and I have really been pushing her, encouraging her to embrace all these opportunities she’s been given…being an adult comes way too soon.  

Now if she would just ditch her boyfriend of over two years, Kirk and I would be over the moon!  One of those situations where he’s a really nice guy and we do like him, but just don’t see him as the most suitable partner for life. Had a friend tell me some time ago that we’ll never be happy with who our child chooses.  Suppose that’s a story as old as time.  

Well, it’s that time of night…time for a little Walker, Texas Ranger before thinking about talking myself into trying to go to bed. The life of a night owl!  

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