The Beginning…Part 2

When I got off the school bus on the last day of my sophomore year in high school I had the biggest thrill…oh yeah baby, there was a little while Chevy S-10 parked in our drive!  

As it wound up, mom was at work, dad was in Sioux Falls at a VA appointment, my brother was hauling cattle for someone and Kirk and our little brother from another family (they’d gotten out of school the day before) were working on the corral.  

Hmm, now to find a reason to go down the hill to see Kirk, being that we didn’t speak I couldn’t just walk down there.  As luck would have it, my Old Man, Charlie, was saddled and tied down at the loading chute.  There was my reason to go and see the boy!  


Kirk and I had a bit of a, I don’t know what you’d call it, smart ass back and forth…got my blood to stirring.  He told me to not let Charlie throw me, I informed him that I indeed knew how to ride, he let me know he had a horse that could throw my ass and my response was taking off full bore to show him that I could ride his ass into the ground!

From that day on, Kirk was at our house every morning, he was our new HIRED MAN!  He still had a girlfriend, but by that point I really didn’t care, I knew someone like him would never be interested in anyone like me, but I could just enjoy his being around.

It didn’t take long before we became friends.  He’d show up to work an hour early and would holler down the basement stairs and we’d play cards while dad was out feeding cattle.  It was the best!

One morning a week or two into the summer my dad had to go to for a treatment at the VA and cattle needed to be worked and he asked if I’d help my brother and Kirk.  Working together was something my brother and I didn’t do well, hell, pry still wouldn’t, but I bit the bullet so I could spend the day with Kirk.  

At noon my brother had to run to the city to get more vet supplies, so he sent Kirk and I into town for dinner.  Patience by Guns n Roses was on the radio as we were pulling out the lane and Kirk attempted the whistling part…major fail!  

The drive to town was blood pumping and frustrating…he told me all about his girlfriend and how they just didn’t have much in common and how he wasn’t allowed to spend time with his buddies, or to drink or smoke and how he had to sneak around behind her back…and how she would only give him chaste kisses and would hold his hand and that was it.  He told me how he’d sneak up to where his sister went to college and would spend the weekend with his ex-girlfriend.  

I actually remember where we were when he looked over at me and told me that I was like a SISTER to him…SISTER!  I remember thinking, I so don’t want to be your sister.  

Eating in town was just as uncomfortable.  Kirk proceeded to tell me about his friend that he knew that I liked, telling me how hard this guy was on girls and that I really needed to stay away from this guy.  Great!  Advice from my big brother…not what I was wanting.  

The around 15 minute drive back home was just as interesting.  Kirk told me about the several motorcycles he’d had over the years and the number of accidents he’d had as well.  We were just driving up the hill to the landfill stop sign when he looked at me and told me that I’d have to take a ride with him on his motorcycle sometime and that I’d have to hold on real tight!  

Hello!  I could do that!  It took a friend to tell me that he was flirting with me.  I found that hard to believe, but I was excited none the less.  Never in a million years did I think Kirk would maybe like me.  

The day went all downhill from there.  My brother and I wound up getting into one hell of a fight, I threw a shovel at him…it missed, that should count for something!  He got me back, he belted me a good one and chipped a tooth.  As horrible as that was, the best part was Kirk standing up for me…he told my brother that if he didn’t back off he’d be over the fence and would kick my brother’s ass!  Later in the day he even asked how I was doing, having him be concerned was the highlight of my day!  

Oh, this was the beginning of a very interesting summer!  There were many ups and downs, lots of joy and tears of misery. Each time he broke my heart I swore it would be the last time and each time he came back saying he was sorry I would bow at his feet.

I would tell more, but Walker, Texas Ranger is on…so more later!


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