Baseball Anyone?

Shortly into the summer of 1989, my friend Stacy, from my town, and I went to her little brothers baseball game in the town Kirk was from.  

The way the ball field is set up, there is a circular drive around the field.  As Stacy and I and other M-town friends watched the kids play, I noticed Kirk driving around the field time and time and time again.  At one point I said to Stacy, lets walk to my car and see if he’ll stop and talk, you’ve GOT to see this guy!  

We got to the drive just as he drove past and waved…I remember stopping and looking at him drive away, somewhat shocked that he didn’t at least stop and say hi.  Before we had time to move too far, he backed up and stopped to say hi.  I remember asking him why he wasn’t with his girlfriend and he said something to the effect that he was taking his time, not really wanting to go see her.

After the game I went home and Stacy went home with her family.  About 10:00 or the phone rang, which wasn’t unusual at our place.  Mom was in bed and dad was out baling hay.  It was Kirk and he was asking if dad was still baling, wondering if he should come out and see if dad needed any help.  I didn’t know, so he said he’d come out to check on dad. 

Holy Crap!  When Kirk got there, he came down the basement stairs and we started chatting.  Of course, I was curious, he’d gotten tired while at the girlfriend’s house and told her he was going home to bed.  He went home and called our house and then told his folks that if Renee called, to tell her that he was sleeping and they didn’t want to bother him because he’d been working so hard.  He then drove around town to get from his side of town to mine, he didn’t want any of her friends seeing him and reporting on him.

We talked for what seemed like ages.  He sat on one side of the couch and I sat on the other and I was as nervous as a cat. I remember at one point he looked at me and said he was going to have to take me out on a date sometime, I told him I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 18…he said he was just going to have to talk to my mom and just tell her…MaryLou, I’m taking your daughter out.  

I didn’t think he was serious.

He stayed that night until all the tv channels were off the air.  The last show we watched was Billy Graham, we joked about that for years.  That’s how bad we wanted to spent time together, we were watching church on tv.

It was the best night!

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