Family Weekend

I sit here tonight feeling incredibly blessed.  We have had such a good family weekend, doesn’t happen too often and I’m thinking we need to remember to make it a priority and make it happen more often!  Just wish the college girl could have been home to have been able to have joined in the fun.

As usual, the family weekend happened completely by the way things fell into place.  Guess that’s when the good times really happen, when they just happen without plans.

Bubba had his guitar lesson yesterday afternoon, he wanted dad to take him.  I jumped in the pickup so we could take care of two birds with one stone.  I used to love to go to the city and by myself, now I don’t much look forward to it, the drive home takes too damned long.

The boys dropped me off and Hobby Lobby (one of the best stores EVER) and then went to Bubba’s lesson.  Kirk picked me up and we went back to pick up the boy.  

We then hit Scheels (also one of the best stores EVER) to get Bubba’s bow fixed.  I told Kirk that I’ve thought learning how to do the bow and arrow thing seemed like something I’d like to give a go at.  Well, we walked out the door with two new bows!  

We hit Red Robin mid-afternoon before going home…my favorite kind of meal, dinner and supper at once.  The boys never think it’s as good of a deal, they want both of the meals.

Of course we had one of those waitress’ that set me off.  Although Kirk thought she was a great waitress, I told him to not give her as large of a tip as he wanted, she was one of those that only gives attention to the males at the table.  That really pisses me off!

The afternoon and evening was good too!  Bubba and I went out and shot our bows.  Kirk and Bubba went into town for pop.  We just dinked around, but we did it together most of the day.

This afternoon we went to some friends out in Nebraska.  They have their new roping barn about ready and their girls ran some of the calves and steers.  Nothing big, but it was nice just visiting with friends and getting out and enjoying the beautiful day.  

Was able to finish one afghan last night!  Made it for a gal I graduated from high school with and is dealing with brain cancer. Have about one more evening left on another one for friends of ours that just had a baby and then on to finish the one I have started for my niece who graduates from high school in May.  I get bored easy, so I usually have more than one going at a time.

I have been feeling guilty about the last post I wrote.  Have been feeling pretty selfish.  I really do have such a good life.  I love my husband and children and couldn’t imagine and wouldn’t want to imagine the world without them.  I give so much to them because they are my world.  My husband is a wonderful provider, he’s made it possible for me to be able to stay home and raise the kids and to be able to be there for them when they need me. 

I am the one that needs to learn how to make a happy medium, where I’m there for them when they need me and yet allow myself the time and space to figure out myself.  I need to be the one in charge of making things happen!

I tell ya, Bubba and I have been getting out and going on short walks with Finley (one of our chihuahuas) and just been being outside more and I am definitely feeling the different in my state of mind.  Definitely feeling better, more energetic and more positive!  Just need to keep it up!


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