Life Is Good

Saturday night and we have EVERYONE home!  Kaet is home from college on spring break as is her sister from another set of parents, both are here and up in the bedroom giggling.  Both Kirk and Leo are in bed.  I’m in my cave watching a little Walker, Texas Ranger, crocheting and doing a little bit of Sudoku…life is good!

So nice on the rare occasion both girls are able to be home at the same time, they’ve only been able to be home at the same time a few times since August.  Being 11 hours apart has been quite an adjustment for these two attached at the hips girls.  An adjustment for the moms too!  And their little brothers too!

Kirk and I have really seen a change in Kaet since school started.  We wanted her to go away to school so she would learn more than just what she would be learning in classes.  To us, the life lessons she is learning by having to be on her own, although in a controlled atmosphere, is just as important to us.  Hoping for her to learn the things I didn’t learn until after I was married.

With all that being said, I can’t say as I like some of the changes that I am seeing.  The mouth on that child!  I shouldn’t have to constantly remind her of the way in which she shouldn’t be speaking to her mother.  I’m not a prude, well…I don’t think I am.  My husband cusses like a sailor and I don’t have the cleanest mouth at times, but I would NEVER cuss around my parents, aunts or uncles, it’s not appropriate.  It’s not respectful.  She can’t seem to tell a story without using every other word in the book.

Kirk and I know how college kids are, we aren’t stupid, wasn’t that long ago that we were her age…or so it feels like it wasn’t that long ago.  I never was a big drinker, alcoholism runs in my family and I didn’t want to go down that road, I also had a fear of my parents finding me drunk, so I seldom drank before I was legal and still seldom drink.  My fear of them didn’t have anything to do with anything other than their yelling at me and being disappointed in me.  

I don’t want to know if or when she’s been drinking nor do I want to hear any stories.  Last night she tried telling me a couple stories and I just kept saying, a mom doesn’t want to know this stuff…all I want to know is that you are safe when you drink. Don’t be stupid!  We’ve raised her knowing about the alcoholism that runs on both sides of her family, that she needs to be smart…too many of my cousins have gone down that path that our older relations have gone down.

As much as we love having her home, we feel almost a sense of anxiety when she is home.  No, anxiety isn’t the right word. Things just get shaken up around here, routine gets off track.  She loves coming home too, but she goes from having full charge of all her comings and goings when she’s out west to having a curfew when she’s here, can’t be easy.  She doesn’t feel like she needs to do anything while she’s here, like picking up after herself.  Gets frustrating.

Kirk and I have already talked about wondering what it’s going to be like when she gets home for the summer.  Could be an interesting summer.  

Yet…it feels so good having everyone home under one roof!   


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