Had one of those MOM days today.  

Kaet and I had planned for today being a girls day.  Dinner at our favorite place and a movie.  Which we did.  We saw the new Cinderella movie, it was pretty good…well, the parts I didn’t sleep through…  

We got up and moving and I went and curled my hair, put on makeup…you know, cleaned up and made myself presentable for going out in public.  

My mood was good, looking forward to a day out with my girl and then I go out into the living room…

I asked her if she was going to brush her hair.  (I ask this A LOT!)  She said she had…could have seriously fooled me, it was up in a knot on top of her head and didn’t look like she’d brushed it first.  My mood went downhill from there.  

My husband came in the house before we left and he talked to her about her internship he’s helping her line up for this summer.  He’s talked to a business associate of his in the seed business, she has to call and set up a time to go visit with the guy.  Kirk told her the deal and then told her that when she goes to work at a farm business, she’s going to have to learn how to do her hair appropriately and talk clearly (she tends to mumble…A LOT!)  

What I don’t get it what’s up with these kids?  I grew up in the 80’s.  Everyone who lived through the 80’s knows that we didn’t leave the house without our hair in order, our face washed, our clothes MATCHING and didn’t leave the house in PAJAMAS!  I don’t get it…how are these kids going to make it out in the real world when they are too lazy to properly leave the house?  

I don’t know, maybe I’m just an old prude….and I know all kids don’t go out looking like crap…but in our small community the kids even go to school wearing slippers and flannel pants…we weren’t even allowed to wear sweatpants to school, Mr. VB had no problem sending us home AND calling our parents to let them know we came to school not dressed properly.  

Drives me absolutely crazy when I go into a business and people are working and have the same hairdo that Kaet had when we left the house this morning.  Why is that allowed?  Just don’t get it…  

Then…earlier tonight I went into her room after she got home from visiting my folks…sitting right on her desk is a bottle of whiskey.  I asked her what that was, she just looked at me and grinned and was like…don’t know what you are talking about.  She knows better!  I told her NOT IN MY HOUSE!  Why would she think that was acceptable?  

I respected my parents, that so does not show any sort of respect!  I still show my parents respect, when I talk to them in a tone they don’t find acceptable, they still will say….I am still your parent, you will not talk to me that way.  

Days like these I feel like a failure as a parent.  Days like these I feel like, the way this country is going, what is the next generation going to be like?  It really does worry me.  

Days like these I am reminded of just how much Kaet is like her dad when he was her age.  Lord help us all!


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