Monday Night

It’s that time of night again, my Finn and I are watching our Bill O’Reilly, winding down for the night.  Okay, well I am, Finn is passed out in his dog bed…he’s had a long day, we had a couple guys doing some cement work out front of the house today, so he and the two other minions spent much of the day with their feet up on the windows, barking their ever loving heads off.  


Haven’t been much in the mood for writing lately…with the changing of the seasons comes the craziness of spring and the beginning of outside and traveling roping season.  Working on getting re-accustomed to the change of pace and getting my head back on straight for what needs to be done and what’s not a priority.  Getting the calendar figured out as far as possible and getting lists and plans made for various goings on.  Always takes a bit of juggling to get back into that groove, I’m blonde…I cannot multi-task!  

If I don’t have the kitchen timer on when I’m cleaning, more than likely I’m going to forget to change loads of laundry on a fairly regular basis.  We have three needy chihuahuas who think that if I’m cleaning or basically doing anything in which they all can’t be sitting on my lap, they are giving me the guilt trip.  They are such needy little buggers and I’m only too happy to humor them and sit and watch a show or read for awhile so they can snuggle up and be happy.  

Recently my husband and I talked about what type of furniture we’d like to get for our family room when Bubba gets a little older and stops shoving wads of gum between the couch cushions…Kirk said hell, lets just get a couple of the over sized recliners for the two of us and then beanbag chairs for the dogs…easy!  The dogs love those beanbag chairs!  Kaet wasn’t humored, but then again, she seldom is.  

Kaet has actually been able to come home from college two weekends in a row!  This past weekend she stayed with one of “our other daughters”, they had roping school on Saturday.  Only saw her for a few minutes though, Bubba and I have been sick and on antibiotics, so she wasn’t about to come home, can’t say as though I blame her.  I wouldn’t have wanted to come home either. She has just over two weeks of school left for the year!  Excited to have her home again, then again…guessing it’s going to take some time to get used to having her home full time again.  She has two jobs lined up for the summer, so pry won’t be tripping over one another too much.  

Actually, getting ready for a major life change.  After over a year of issues and four doctors, the forth was finally able to figure out my problem and next week I’m getting a hysterectomy.  It’s a big thing and I’m thankful that we have been done having children for a great many number of years, and Kirk got fixed a long time ago.  Still, it’s a big thing.  I’m not so worried about the surgery because I am so ready for be done with my issue, what I’m really worried about is the SIX WEEKS of recovery.  We are farm people.   It’s just the very beginning of traveling season for my husband with his team roping.  It’s time to start tilling and working my gardens…I am going to have to depend on my family to do the bulk of everything…let’s just say that they don’t necessarily put my needing to be done items very high up on their list and nagging does not work for my people.  I’m afraid things are going to fall apart around here.  

Maybe someday I’ll learn how to let go of a little bit of control and let things JUST BE around here.  I’ve tried it from time to time, then my controlling nature has taken control once things began to fall apart.  Getting better…maybe this six weeks won’t go so badly as I’m assuming.  

Bill is over, so I should pry get off here and get a few things done for the night.

Peace Out!


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