Kids Day Weekend 1989 (2)

Saturday morning, the morning after that off and on awful first day.  Brooke and I were sleeping in the basement.  We woke up to Kirk and Rusty hollering down the basement stairs.  Kirk always said he knew I slept with a billy club under my pillow, so he never went to the basement if I was sleeping, without hollering down first.  

Apparently my sheep were MIA, their pen was empty and they weren’t in with the cattle like they usually were when they pulled their disappearing act.  We found them, eventually, after going through the fields and the cattle yards…they were under a tree not 20 feet from their pen.  

That evening was the night of the adults dance at Kids Day, my brother was home and mom and dad went to the dance. Kirk and I decided to hang out.  We went out driving and came home and watched tv.  Nothing eventful.  

When Kirk went to leave for the night he asked if he could kiss me.  I told him no.  I’d never kissed anyone before, didn’t know the first thing about it, so I didn’t want to be asked, I just wanted to be kissed.  He did give me a hug before he left. We also had made plans for the next afternoon before he left.  

UGH!  Can you say Strike Three?  

The next day I waited and waited and waited and didn’t see him, nor did I hear from him.  I’d started smoking about a year before, so I spent quite a bit of time that afternoon behind the auger shed, talking to the cattle and smoking. There was a phone in the shed, so if he called, I’d know.  

Late in the afternoon I heard a vehicle drive down by the shed and honk, I walked out and it was my brother….

Can you guess what happened next?  

Yeah, Kirk and Renee had gotten back together and he wanted Bart to let me know.  

For years I would tell Kirk that if I would have known all the hell he and Renee would be me through for well over two years, I would have walked away after that first date.  

Funny thing…the next day, Monday, Kirk came in for dinner before the others and again, mom was working so I was on duty in the kitchen.  When I served Kirk his meal he asked if it was safe to eat…wanting to know if I’d poisoned it. Damn, wish I’d thought of that!  


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