21. June 2015

We have summer going in full swing now!  Long days and too short of nights.  After a good month of way too much rain, we’ve finally dried up and have been able to get into working and playing outside.  


My Oma’s famous daisies are in full bloom.  A few years before she passed away she made me take some because she had so many.  So thankful that I did, my cousins who bought the house tore them out and it made most of the family sick to see them gone.  They’ve finally spread enough that I’ve finally been able to start sharing them with the cousins.  Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make people so happy!


After years of looking, we were finally able to find me a horse.  Meet Emmett!  We have been bonding and getting used to one another. This evening I took him around the barrels for the first time.  We had a rough first trot or two around, but he was starting to get the pattern down and stopping wanting to go back to the gate between the first two barrels.  Kirk and Kaet have been working on team roping with him and say he’s making progress.

Bubba got a horse too, LeRoy, don’t have a picture of him yet.  He even looks like a LeRoy.  We are tickled that Leo is starting to show some interest in the horses.  He’s our little gear head!  Kirk and I grew up riding horses on our farms, yet never have pushed the kids towards them.  We’ve seen too many families who have pushed and pushed their kids to rodeo and wound up hating anything to do with horses.

Haven’t been to too many rodeos/ropings yet this summer.  The crew ropes several times a week at a few different arenas around here.  In about a week the season is really going to kick into gear.  Looking forward to it even more this summer since Kaet doesn’t have to work weekends on her internship, so she’ll be able to come along to most trips this summer.  She wasn’t able to go to any last year with working two jobs most of the summer.


(Kaet and Cole)


(Kirk and Kaet)


(Mom and Kaet)

We were able to hit a local professional rodeo a few weeks ago.  It was a good start to the summer.  Memorial weekend and we couldn’t get enough clothes on to keep warm.  That was a first.  It was really nice to go and not melt!


(Kaet and Kayla golfing)


(Nicole and Kaet out with the bows)

We’ve actually had a lot of time to spend doing family things this past month and it has been so nice.  We’ve hit some movies, have gone to the mall to just do something together and have gone out for supper.  Having Kaet away at college has made us realize how we should be doing more things together as a family.


Kaet and I actually took our first mother/daughter weekend last weekend.  Went up to Sioux Falls and did some sight seeing. Didn’t realize just how much there was to see there.  I started going to Sioux Falls back when I was in junior high when my dad started going to the VA there, I knew there was a zoo…there’s so much more than a zoo there.  We had a gal point us to the older section of town where there are so many things to see….


We just walked and talked and had a really good time.  

Dad and Leo weren’t overly thrilled about having to stay home and have to babysit the dogs.  It was a hot weekend and they mowed and weed eated and emptied out our old barn that was being torn down a few days later.  Kirk said that next time I go anywhere and he stays home, that the dogs will be going to doggy daycare!  We have three chihuahuas and they are a bit needy.  Kirk said he didn’t sleep well, they were on him and up against him and would grumble at him when he’d try to roll over or move in bed.  I thought it was pretty funny.  Big tough guy!

This week Leo will be going to church camp, three nights, so not so bad.  He’s far from thrilled, haven’t made him go the past two years, the last time he went he had mommy issues even though I was on the property for the 24 hours of his camp. Hoping this year goes better.  When Kaet was his age she was going to seven day church camp.  

My goal for the week…with Leo away at camp and Kaet working during the day, maybe I’ll be able to get this house in order! With working on the garden and yard work and roping a few times a week, this place looks like more than one tornado has blown through.  Dishes?  Who wants to do dishes?  We have no counter space!  When we don’t eat supper until after 10 p.m., no one wants to wash any dishes.

Time for a little bit of Greg Gutfeld and thinking about winding down for the night…



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