30. June 2015

So off kilter today.  Really in need of a day where NO ONE is home for the afternoon so maybe I can get some things done. God Bless my mother and my oma who were stay at home farmer’s wives, but then again, the guys were out working all day and as for mom, us kids knew to not be underfoot and spent most of our days outside playing.  

Playing?  Outside?  Hmmm, now who would have ever thought of such a thing?  Bubba has gotten to the point of saying, “yeah, mom, I know, you’ve told me this before” when I start on how we used to keep ourselves busy outside and were able to come up with all sorts of things to do, on our own!  Craziness!  

Just trying to make a point.  We don’t have a farm but we have 11 acres, tons of trees, horses and a gator and we live on a gravel road…what else does a redneck child need to entertain themselves?  Hell, I’d take off by myself and walk around the perimeter of the fields on either side of our farm just because and usually wouldn’t think to let anyone know where I was going. Things are so different today, now I’m constantly riding him to get off the electronics and having to take them away so he’ll find something to do.  

Kirk has been able to be around home quiet a bit lately, cattle buyers now days are able to do a lot of their work via the phone, fax and e-mail.  He works for a company that only deals with natural cattle, no hormones, antibiotics, ect., it’s a lot of paperwork, following each head from birth to heading to town.  Everything has to be down on paper, for each head of cattle. He never really shuts down, he works even when he’s on vacation.

But, he’s been able to be around more and he’s been working Bubba.  He’s been cutting weeds, mowing, basically following Kirk around and sweating a lot OUTSIDE working.  He’d love to help grampa bale hay but gramma has put her foot down and has said “ABSOLUTELY NOT”…he’s 13, he could be riding the rack, but we’re not about to make gramma stress out.  

When I talked to my dad about it awhile back he said my brother wasn’t allowed to help on the farm at that age either, being allergic to everything and an asthmatic, but he eventually stop up to mom when he got to the point of wanting to be out working on the farm.  Think it’s different when it’s a grandchild, Leo can argue, but he wouldn’t win.  No one but my husband argues with my mother.  The rest of us just say okay and then don’t let her see us doing what will piss her off.  Isn’t that the way we all do it?  Well, at least that’s the way dad and I do it 🙂

I so need to get off my ass and get something accomplished…Kirk and the kids went across the river to Nebraska to rope tonight.  I worked on editing roping pictures for a good hour….took way too many pictures the other night, and then made the mistake of turning the tv on and snuggling with the dogs for a little while…woke up 2 1/2 hours later…could be why I don’t sleep well at night.  My yahoos came home from roping, showered and hit the beds, they were all exhausted.  Dogs went back to bed too. 

Actually watching a movie instead of my usual political talk shows tonight.  So tired of all the B.S. and find myself talking to the t.v., like they can hear me telling them they are a dumb asses and need to get their head out of their asses!  Get tired of everything having to be so P.C. and all the apologizing for giving their truthful opinion.  We should be able to disagree and accept that we aren’t all going to agree on anything and we can agree to disagree and not throw shit fits about everything…but that’s only my opinion.  Take me back to the days of Ol’ Teddy Roosevelt.

With that being said….once again…Happy 4th!


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