4th of July Weekend

Our 4th of July Weekend


Kaet and Bubba


Kaet and out “other daughter” Cole


Me and my girl


W and Bubba checking out the bulls


Kirk and Patriot


Kirk’s roping partner

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The family spent the weekend together, for the most part…Kirk and Dave had to leave after this rodeo to head to the next, to be there for their roping time of 8 a.m.  Both families stayed home and the guys were home shortly after noon on the 4th. These pictures are from the 3rd.  Always nice getting to spend time with the family, my dad was there both nights too.  Mom likes to stay at home and read and have quiet!  Rodeo is not her thing after going with for so many years when I was a kid and we raced chuckwagons as a family…maybe I’ll put some pictures up from those days later.  When your oldest is 20 and still more than willing to go and do the family thing, and her friends too, when they can be off doing their own thing, PRICELESS!  

We are blessed!  



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