13. July 2015

Is it about the end of August yet?  Getting to be about time for school to start!  The kids and I went out and about earlier this evening and were pick, pick, picking at each other.  About time to make them sit on the couch together and hold hands until they can get along….yes, it works, at least for my kids.  

Next week the kids and I will be going on our annual mini vacation that we take my mother on each summer.  Every year I say I’ll never take them on another trip and each year I take them on another trip.  

See, my dad goes out to a cousin’s ranch out in Montana once a year when they brand and down to Oklahoma once a year to The Lazy E timed events.  Neither are things my mother enjoys, so she stays home.  About a dozen years or so ago the kids and I took her on her first mother/daughter/grandchildren trip and we’ve done it ever since.  We don’t go for long, as well as we all get along, three generations together for too long, with interests being so wide ranging, that fuses tend to get short before too long.  

Surprisingly, Kaet has said she would go again with us this year.  I’m glad because then there’s someone else to drive when I get to fighting keeping my eyes open while driving.  Mom can drive, but won’t, which is fine, but it makes it hard when I start getting tired while driving.  Not that we are going far, we never go more than a five hour drive away.  

A couple months ago we traded in my Durango for a Jeep Cherokee.  I just didn’t need to have so much room anymore, when Kaet was Leo’s age I was always hauling kids to ball games, Leo doesn’t do sports, I don’t ever haul him and his friends around.  When the family goes anywhere we always take one of Kirk’s pickups because if he’s driving, he wants to drive his vehicle, so more than plenty of leg room there.  

The jeep doesn’t have the leg room that the Durango had.  I told Leo that when I’m driving, he and Kaet can take turns riding in the front seat.  That set off a firestorm…when she was his age she never got to ride in the front because he was younger and didn’t like to ride in the back alone.  Actually, to tell the truth, it was an excuse for me because after so many years of having both kids riding in the back, I’d gotten used to having that seat for my purse and whatever else I had and didn’t want to give up my space for my crap.  We won’t tell Kaet that though.  

Tonight Kaet mentioned getting hotel rooms with the attached room, told her I hadn’t done that, had just reserved single rooms with two queen beds, I wasn’t going to spend a fortune when we don’t spend much time other than when we sleep in the rooms.  Didn’t even get rooms at places with a pool.  We won’t be at the rooms enough.  

So, Kaet told Leo he was going to have to sleep with Gramma.  That set off another firestorm, he said he was sleeping with me, not with Gramma.  I told them that they’d just have to take turns sleeping with Gramma.  Miss Mouth told me that she was really getting tired of being told she would have to take turns, it wasn’t fair.  

SO, I tried explaining to her how I try to be fair with Leo, with him being the youngest, being that I was the youngest in my family and I always got the short end of the stick when we were little.  We went on vacations, my brother and sister took turns sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor, I never got to have a turn, always had to sleep with someone.  My sister would get to have a slumber party for her birthday being that it was in September, but I never could because my birthday was in the winter and it was too cold to have so many kids over.  Little things like that that makes a kid just hate being the baby of the family.  I’ve always tried to make many things equal for that very reason.  She doesn’t like it.  

Oh, well!  Sometimes life sucks….

Kids got what was coming for them for arguing when we got home from town…Kirk had gotten home shortly before we did with a load of 150 square grass bales.  The kids had to help him unload and stack.  Dad barks A LOT while working and he barked more than plenty for them.  

I was fortunate enough to have a dad that was pretty easy going, he was just glad when I’d go out and want to help haul bales, he never hollered at me for lifting one wrong or so on…these yahoos aren’t so lucky, he doesn’t realize that they aren’t as strong as he is and so it’s a struggle for them and he barks.  

That’s why I refuse to work with him…I spent more than enough time as a kid working with my brother and getting hollered at for holding a board wrong while fixing fence or not understanding what he wanted when he mumbled for me to get something for him.  I’ve done my time.

However, with as bad as I feel for them having to get hollered at for not doing whatever the right way, I know that it is good for them.  That is how they learn.  The world is a hard place and you need to have some callouses, to be able to do the hard work.  It’s not like they have to do these things too often, we don’t farm, so usually the toughest chores are feeding and watering the horses.  

Guess it’s about that time…



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