14. July 2015

Good day today!  We still had the crazy 90 degree heat, but the humidity was way down!  I can handle the heat so much better without the crazy humidity.  We were actually able to get outside and get quiet a few things done around the homestead tonight!


We were able to get the yard mowed, well…most of the yard mowed, it got dark on us out there.  Now this old lady just needs to get going on some weeding.  Isn’t that what kids are for?  Well, not my kids, I’m a bit obsessive about how weeding should be done so I tend to just do it myself.  Give me my scissors and an audio book and I’m in my own little happy world.  I save what can be done with the weed eater for my husband and son, that’s something I’ve never been able to get the hang of doing without ruining things.

Bubba and I actually went to the city and hit a museum this afternoon.  We have an air museum in the area and Leo has been wanting to go for some time, so I figured, what the hell, it’s Tuesday and it’s nice out and we are the only ones home, let’s take a quick out and about.

The place is really neat.  It doesn’t just have airplane related things, it also has quite a bit of military paraphernalia, uniforms from the Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2 and Vietnam.  There are many vehicles, a horse drawn hearse, all sorts of really neat things.  Of course I haven’t moved my pictures from my phone to my computer, maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow and post a few shots. 

It’s always neat to be able to share experiences from our past with the kids.  Today I was able to share one of those with Bubba.  One of the large exhibits is about the crash of flight 232 that happened at Sioux City back when I was 16, the summer Kirk and I started dating, back in July 1989.

Just like with the Challenger and September 11th, that day in July 1989 is one I remember where I was and what I was doing.  

Kirk and I were in the front yard, roping the dummy and wasting time until I had to go to dance practice.  Several emergency vehicles flew past our place.  Mom and dad’s place is out in the country on a main blacktop road.  We were used to seeing emergency vehicles flying past, but it was different, they were from several area communities that made no sense as to why they’d be in our area.  

Kirk and I went to dance practice for a competition coming up (he was the awesome kind of boyfriend who would take me to dance and recitals and competitions and just sit and wait) and one of the parents had heard what was going on.  United Airlines Flight 232 had gone down.  

Recently I was having lunch with some friends from my graduating class and Flight 232 was brought up.  One of the gal’s father was on our town’s ambulance crew, she told us about how he had nightmares for years and there were still people who survived the flight that still exchanged Christmas cards every year with her folks.  

One of those things a person just always remembers.

It’s after 1 a.m., should really start thinking about talking myself into winding down for bed…I can so easily stay up until dawn, but that tends to irritate the non nocturnal people in this house.  

Take Care!  Peace!


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