I don’t do drama!  I am too stinkin’ old.  The years Kaet was in high school I dealt with way more drama than I ever dealt with all the years I was in school.  I refuse to do drama.  

Well, actually, I have to endure family drama, but I try to skirt that as often as I can.  

This old lady doesn’t do stress well.  

This afternoon I was texted by a friend that I haven’t talk to in ages.  We met through our children who are in the same grades, so we are friends but not BFF’s.  Anyway, she asked me if we were fighting about something that she didn’t know about.  No, that was new to me.  She said, well, you know how rumors are.  Rumors?  What rumors?  I am home and doing family 98% of my time.  I don’t hear rumors.  

My husband detests rumors, he doesn’t do gossip, which at times makes me crazy.  I can come home and say, I didn’t know Sam and Julie were getting divorced and he’ll say, oh yeah, heard that three months ago.  That’s the point to which he keeps things to himself.  

Anyway, as the day went on it really started to get to me so I messaged her back, asking what the rumor was.  That was a little over six hours ago.  Hmmmm…..

What the hell!?  I am too old for this bull!  



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