Rodeo and Rain

And once again, we have rain!  Starting to think we have just about enough.  Had an inch earlier this week and we were just getting dry enough again to get out and work in the gardens.  

We’ve had horrendous humidity this week, where it hits you in the face as soon as you open the front door.  We went to the rodeo at the fair the next county south from us tonight, it didn’t take long before my clothes felt like I’d taken them out of the dryer damp and put them on.  I stayed long enough to watch Kirk and Dave make their run and I headed home. They both caught and even with penalties for breaking the barrier and catching only one hoof, they were in third place when we left.    

The kids have been fired from taking pictures and video.  We have some great pictures of video of the arena fence and you can just see that something is going on on the other side of the fence.  UGH!  Guess I didn’t teach them how to do the picture/video thing worth a crap.  With the guys luck this summer, it’s too bad we didn’t get some good pictures.  


(Leo, Kayla and Kaet)

It was nice spending time with the kids tonight.  Always nice when the kids choose to spend time with the old folks! Kaet’s ex rode bull for the first time tonight, I didn’t stick around to watch him but thankfully he didn’t get hurt, he only lasted about three seconds, but with his luck, I’m just tickled he didn’t get injured.  

The boys called a little while ago to say they were heading home, they headed to rodeo number two as soon as they were done with their first run tonight.  They were rained out, rescheduled for 8:00 tomorrow morning.  Fun times!

Now it’s time to get the place in order this weekend, get things ready for the kids and my vacation we are taking my mother on.  Have the daycare lined up for two of the three dogs, he has to deal with the little one on his own while we are gone, she’s too young to go to daycare.  Laundry is actually almost done, now it’s to get the kids to get their rooms cleaned and get the fine tuning done.  

Always something going on around here.  Wouldn’t want it any other way.  



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