Yearly Mini Vacation Days 1 and 2


Night number two in a motel room with my mother and two kiddos.

Mom has been asleep for hours, Kaet has been on and off asleep for hours and Leo and I have yet to wind down enough to even think about sleep.  We should pry think about it, it’s almost 1 a.m. and the alarm is set of 9 a.m.

I have to go back into my computer archives when I get home, there is a picture of these two minions sitting on this same swing back about 8 or 9 years ago.  Kaet said Leo couldn’t sit on her lap this time.


The kids, my mother and I got to Amana late yesterday afternoon.  Just in time for almost everything to be closed.  It actually worked about well because my butt was exhaused after traveling all afternoon.  This Old Girl is not a good traveler, more than two hours and I start getting bored of driving/riding and start watching the clock way too often.  I do try, but impatience is more than not, my first, middle and last name.


My husband has already started in on thinking we should come home tomorrow. I’m actually thinking we may stay out in this area until Friday, our original plan was to stay until Thursday and be home Thursday evening.  However, with Leo being so much older this time around, we have found that there’s even more to see than we remembered.  No stroller and no temper tantrums equals the ability to notice and see so much more!

We were starting to get a bit under each other’s skin earlier in the evening, but we all kind of went to our own corner and spent some quality time alone and all is good again.  Actually, Kaet and I left Leo and Gramma at the room and went to Cedar Rapids for a Target run!

See, this is the deal….I am a closet smoker, a horrible, chain smoking, closet smoker.  Have been since I was 15.  I don’t like people to know that I smoke, there are only a few people I’ve ever smoked around.  It’s nasty and looks terrible and I just prefer that the few people know, the better.  Also, starting so young, I had to hid it from my SMOKING partents, I hid it for so many years that it’s just natural to continue hiding it.

The kicker….my mother has been a closet smoker MY ENTIRE LIFE!  Yes, I know she smokes, and yes, I know that my parents know I smoke, but we just ignore it. My sister was a closet smoker for years as well, she has become a runner, so guessing she’s pry quit, but who knows.

ANYWAY….since the kids were little I’ve always waited until they’ve gone to bed at night to smoke, not wanting to be around them when I have that crap on my clothes and skin, then I smoke all night like a freight train and then shower and wait again until the next night….

Well, I hadn’t smoked since Sunday night, so when we left mom and Leo at the motel so we could just to Cedar Rapids, I took advantage….that helped take the edge off of my mood, but…..those damn vapor cigarettes just don’t do it for me, they make me crave more….so, obviously, serious nicotene withdrawl hasn’t been helping my mood.

Well crap, suppose I should really start to think about bed, made Leo shut everything down….having a hard time with doing the picture thing with this stinkin tablet…doesn’t want to let me rotate the pictures, so that will have to wait until we get home.

Two fairly good days down, we’ll see what tomorrow brings…



4 thoughts on “Yearly Mini Vacation Days 1 and 2

  1. Keep the faith. I quit during my pregnancies and breast feeding, started up again after a divorce. I felt bad about it. After a while I stopped. I didn’t have a plan. I just did it. You will too. Love yourself!!!! Sorry for unsolicited advice. (((hugs)))

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  2. Great photos here and I wish you luck in your quitting smoking. Don’t give up. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your children. And, and I love that you visited my blog. Love the company.

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