New Week

We’ve made it to the start of another week…going to be a busy one.

Vacation Bible School starts tonight.  Last year we weren’t able to help for the first time in many years.  I’d oops’d, figuring it was a week later than what it was and had scheduled a trip.  Kaet has too much going on this week to help and Leo is now too old for VBS and not old enough to be a helper. 

I’m the picture lady…Pastor Karen knows all too well that I have bugs in my shorts and am not good helping with any one thing, I need to be able to get up and move around, kind of like a social butterfly, just kind of bop around from group to group and activity to activity.  Each year I take a single photo of each kid to print off for a craft that the kids make with their photo.  Other than that, I just go from here to there and take shots of the yahoos when they aren’t watching, makes for some good shots.  The kids always get such a kick looking at the albums afterwards and in the years after.

What’s really neat is the big number of kids we get to turn out each year, kids not even involved with the church.  Each year just blows me away.  So many churchs have stopped doing Vacation Bible School because of no or low turn out, we get close to 50 kids each year and then get many older kids coming back to be helpers each year.  We live in such a small area, our church is a combination of three towns all sharing the same pastor, two towns don’t have 100 people and the third maybe 300 people.  Definitely a word of mouth thing. 

The church is Methodist but Pastor Karen runs all the youth programs as non-denominational, which is why me and our kids have been involved, we are Lutheran but the programs Pastor Karen runs are so great, she does such a good job and the various youth groups have really grown since Kaet started when she was in the 3rd grade.  She’s 20 now. 

It’s been kind of a crazy ride with these yahoos.  I started helping with Footprints, which is the Wednesday after school school programs for the church in our town, we get kids from three surrounding communities that are in our school district.  There weren’t enough little kids to do the nativity at Christmas without getting older kids pulled in to help out when I first started helping, now we have a whole herd of lambs and an entire choir of angels because there are so many kids attending.  We get so attached to these kiddos and them to us, Kirk usually just shakes his head and stands back when we go to kids functions at school because I usually get plowed down and hugged and hung on by several of the yahoos happy to see me.  Can’t help but love them to pieces!

Well, hell….I suppose, this old lady should really attempt to get some things accomplished before needing to do some running this afternoon.  Have a good one!



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