I remember…

I remember going on walks with my mother through the alfalfa field, oh how I hated it, the taller the alfalfa, the harder it was on my little legs.  

I remember taking off on walks around the fields on either side of the highway, no ipod, no phone, just myself to entertain myself.  I’d walk for a couple hours, walking through the corn, down the grass waterways, along the fence line and through the oats and alfalfa.

I remember going for runs from one side of our property, up to the feedlots and up and down the drive.  I’d stop to sit in the fence line feed bunks and talk to the cattle. 

I remember hitching up the little wagon to the back of our Ford riding lawnmower and packing up a lunch and blankets and pillows and driving around the farm with my little cousin.

I remember climbing the tree house my brother built, just sitting and looking out into the great beyond.

I remember my cousin and I setting up courses around the yard, using logs and whatever else that sparked our imaginations, to use at hurdles and just running and jumping and running.

I remember using the stacked wooden feed bunks as a secret hide away.

I remember sitting in the cab tractor and pretending I was farming and pretending to talk on the CB.

I remember playing house in the auger shed.

I remember playing in the old corn crib that we were told not to go into because of rabid coons and never seeing one and never telling mom or dad we’d been there.

I remember swimming in a horse tank.

I remember putting on my tap shoes and dancing on the front porch with my younger cousin.

I remember climbing up on the big round hay bales and running from one end to the other and climbing as high as I dared. 

I remember walking down to the stop sign on our blacktop road with my sister when there was nothing else to do.

I remember sitting on the back of the pickup at noon, peeling fresh sweet corn before dinner with my dad and my brother and my sister for my mom to boil fresh!

I remember so much…so many wonder, beautiful memories of a beloved childhood.


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