Fair Time

It’s that time of year again…fair time!  


Always excited for the fair to start each year, always excited for it to end as well.  That sounds awful, but five days gets to be a bit exhausting.


I actually miss the days when the kids were in 4H, never thought I’d say that!  For a number of years the kids were involved in our local 4H and before Bubba was old enough, he showed bucket calves and bottle lambs.  It was always crazy and an exhausting week.  A couple years ago mom had it and said if I was going to have to ride the kids’ butts to get their projects and paperwork done, they were going to be done.  They chose to me done.


I have a nephew who has a steer and sheep, a niece who has sheep and another niece who dances at the talent show, but I didn’t even get around to getting them watched or have run into my brother to even see how they’ve done this year.


Kaet did participate in the rodeo the first time this year!  It was pretty neat to hear a cheering section for her when her name was announced!  She only started breakaway roping a couple weeks ago, but she did pretty good.  She didn’t catch, but she got her first run in front of an audience under her belt.  That’s always the biggest fear in the beginning, just the having a huge crowd watching.


Kirk and his partner roped after the performance, long after the kids and I had gone home for the night.  The slack tends to get pretty late.  They did pretty good, hit 4th place!


The crew hit another rodeo tonight, none of the three did any good.  It was a good outing for the crew though.  I enjoyed having the house to myself, weeded on the garden, cleaned on the house and washed some bedding.  It was time for mom to have some quiet alone time.


Tomorrow is the last day of the fair.  Hoping I can get away with not going.  All that’s really left is the demo derby and that’s not any of our thing.  A little loud.


Now onto getting ready for the new school year to begin!  Two weeks from Monday!  Play time is beginning to wind down for the season!  About time to buckle down and get back to work!  


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