22. August 2015

The girl took off early this morning and made it to her home away from home early in the afternoon!  Anxiety definitely lowered when she messaged to say she was there safe and sound! 

One down and one to go!

Took the boy to the city this afternoon and he had to endure a haircut.  The child so wants a mullet (yes, we are on the redneck side) and I like a nice buzz cut.  I gave a little and let Whit trim the hair by hand instead of having her use the buzzer.  

See, the government could learn from this example…I didn’t get what I wanted, Bubba didn’t get what he wanted, we met in the middle and came up with something we could be live with.  Wasn’t near as painful as not getting 100% my way.  

We actually got very little of nothing done today…tomorrow we are going to have to kick some butt and get this place in order, inside and out, and get caught up with slacking all day.

Kirk went to his buddy’s place this morning and they roped a few hours.  The guys haven’t had much chance the past several weeks with all the rain we’ve had.  These boys start to go through withdrawl when they can’t get their play time in on a regular basis.

I did finish the laundry, so I guess that’s something.  Did pick up a few things at the grocery store for dinner tomorrow at noon.  Bacon and pancakes!  Don’t do it as often as I’d like, Kirk isn’t a big fan of having breakfast for anything other than breakfast and I grew up having breakfast after church for noon every Sunday until I married and moved away from home. 

The minions (dogs) must be feeling Kaet being gone.  Have my little Finn attached to every move I make and Kirk can’t get away from the girls, Ruby and Gypsy.  Will be interesting to see how they are the first week Bubba is at school.  Chihuahuas can definitely be needy.



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