That First Summer

I was attracted to Kirk from the first moment I saw him.  There was something about the way he held himself, he was very confident and there seemed a wild side peeking out from his quiet demeanor.

Oh, I tell him that it was his pickup that I fell for, and it was a pretty hot pickup, but it was all him!  There was something about a tan, muscular cowboy that also drove a motorcycle!

I had to have him!  Didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I had to have him.  Fuck that he had a girl friend!

Kirk and I slowly became friends once he started working as our hired hand the summer of 1989, before my junior year and his senior year in high school.

That summer mom was working and I was in charge of taking care of dinner and supper most days.  It took awhile, but we slowly became friends.  Loved it when dad needed my help working cattle with him and the boys!  There were the occasional days when dad and brother were both busy and I would get to help Kirk.  Loved those times!

When Kirk and I went out on our first date I was thrilled beyond thrilled!  The first date really sucked thanks to his ex, but the second date was really nice.  He even asked me if he could kiss me as he was leaving for the night!  I’d never kissed anyone, I was so nervous that I said no…damn it, I just wanted to be kissed, not asked!  (Later he told me my sister warned him to not just kiss me because I was the kind of person that would hit him if he tried…Thanks sis!)

Of course, two days after the first date my brother had to tell me that Kirk went back to his ex…CHICKEN SHIT!

After the little episode it took awhile before we were able to pick up and become friends again.  Slowly but surely it did happen and although I was happy to have him as a friend, I really hated that he was with that girl who he’d told me had tried to control him right down to telling him he couldn’t see his friends because she didn’t like him.

About a month after he had my brother tell me that he was back with the ex, he showed up to tell me that he’d screwed up when he’d let the ex talk him into giving her another chance, that he really liked me and hoped I’d give him another chance. You got it!  With a wink and a smile that boy had me wrapped around his little finger!

Don’t remember what we did the night of the second first date, but I do remember Kirk asking for a goodnight kiss.  Just like the time before, didn’t want to be asked, wanted to just be kissed and swept off my feet!  I promised he’d get a kiss the next night, he gave me a goodnight kiss on the cheek!  One of those, I’m never going to wash this cheek ever again, type of moments.

The next night we went to this big festival in Kirk’s small town, there was bar-b-q and a country music concert with The Forrester Sisters.  

Afterwards we went home while my family stayed in town.  We watched some tv and then went to the drive inn in my town, the boy kept asking for his kiss and I was so stinkin’ nervous that I kept coming up with other things to stall.

Later we were sitting and watching Saturday Night Live.  Elvis Costello was the musical guest and during his first song, Kirk asked me to dance…it was a slow dance.  We danced in the dining room throughout the entire song and kept dancing throughout the show and through the next song.  At some point Kirk was able to get me to look up from the floor long enough to get my eye contact and THAT WAS IT!  The boy finally did the manly thing and just KISSED me!  It was…..AMAZING!

We spent the rest of the evening making out, first standing in the dining room and then to the couch in the living room.  My sister getting home for the evening ended that lip lock.

That night was THE BEST!

For the rest of summer we were inseparable.  He would work at all for my dad and brother and he’d stay for supper, I would ride home with him afterwards and would sit and visit with his folks and sister while he showered and cleaned up for the night and then we’d head back to my house until the tv went off the air for the night.  Oh, the days!

We spent every moment together that we were able.  Seven days a week.  Mom later said that she didn’t know how our starting to date happened, I wasn’t allowed to date until senior year, it just kind of happened under her nose.  My folks had liked Kirk and think they felt he wasn’t a threat.  Kirk and my mother have been picking at each other and starting play fights with one another since that very first summer.  

One week before school was to start I finally gave into him and we had sex behind the machine shed, on the grass bank next to the cattle yard.  Talk about romantic!  I remember thinking, that’s what was such a big deal?  The soaps and movies make such a big deal about sex, I didn’t get it.

Then school started.  I was back to my school and he was back to his school, the same as his ex girlfriend…..

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