Okoboji Extended Family Gathering

A couple weekends ago my mom’s side of the family gathered together for her brother and his wife’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I’d say at least three-fourths of the family were able to make the party, always great when we can get four generations together!


Our aunt and uncle live on the lake and love having people over and taking people boating.  They are of the more social people of the family.


(When the cowboys and the cowgirl get off the farm!  My husband, daughter and brother)

Gramma would be so proud if she were still living!  Family was always first and foremost with her and she would get so upset when not everyone could make a holiday gathering.  She would say that she just wanted all of her family to be together.  Her little brother was able to make it, which was pretty great!


(Wouldn’t guess these three are cowboys!)

Always nice to get my brother and my sister and all our kids together, doesn’t happen near enough.  These three can get into so much trouble without even trying.  Gramma gets nervous when these yahoos go down to the barn without an adult!


(My dad and my daughter)

We were very lucky to get my dad to head up north for a couple hours!  He stayed on dry land, but he was there and that’s all that really mattered!  He had to get back home after the meal, cattle and horses needed their evening meal!


Growing up we had very little contact with my folks’ cousins and aunts and uncles.  Many of whom I didn’t even know of until after they’d passed.  It is so nice having been so close to our cousins that we’ve made the conscious effort to make sure our children not only know one another, but spend time together and some are even friends!


We had a great time with the great uncle, the aunts and uncles and cousins…


My mom, the kids and I even stayed the entire weekend.


The kids were able to get one last hurrah in before getting back to the business of school…


Getting to do things we don’t have the opportunity to do around our neck of the woods.


Besties and cousins spending time together before heading off to three different colleges in three different states.


Couldn’t have asked for a more loving and giving family.


We are a somewhat interesting group…


Cowboys, cowgirls, farmers, construction owners, school teachers, daycare operators, stay at home moms…


We are drawn all over NorthWest Iowa…


No matter what….we are always family!




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