28. August 2015

We have made it through the first week of school, both junior high and college!  The week has actually been fairly blah…I always like to take the first week back to school for myself…I do what needs to be done and just take in the peace and quiet! It’s been a good week to do it, unseasonably cool weather has made it so we were able to have the air off and windows open more than half the week.  Always nice to have the fresh air flowing through the house, freshening up the place!

Went to the doctor get have my infected and grown shut ear piercing looked at…again.  Doc was able to get yuck from it to culture and gave me some different antibiotics and pain meds, today the nurse called with a change in antibiotics.  The meds she gave me Monday were enough to start some major healing, by Wednesday I no longer needed the pain meds and by the end of the day yesterday the swelling had gone down enough that the ear looks normal again!  

I am done with ear piercings!  I’d said that before, being that I’m in my early 40’s, it’s pry about time to be done anyway, this just reinforced that decision.

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I decided it was time to get Emmet out for a ride.  It had been awhile.  Kirk was home so I let him saddle the boy, I tend to not do it right (his right and my right are not the same right) and he winds up undoing the cinch and redoing it correctly.  

Crazy, been saddling horses since I was in junior high, always thought I was doing it right since the saddle never fell off while riding…huh?!  Hell, the kids won’t even saddle when he is around because they know he is going to correct them and it stresses them out.  Men!


Haven’t had this boy very long, but he is pretty special.  He has a dog like personality.  Very mellow.  Still trying to get used to his style, he does this little thing that feels like a crow hop when slowly galloping him.  It’s been so many years since I’ve ridden on a regular basis that I have a bit of a fear of hitting the ground, not so young anymore.  We’re starting to figure each other out though, making progress!


Even made it down to check out the pumpkin patch this week.  Love watching the pumpkins and gourds grow.  It’s always a surprise to see all that comes about once we get down and into the vines in the middle of the patch once they start getting too crazy to want to walk through for fear of stepping on and breaking any vines.


Didn’t get everything planted this year that I wanted to, ran out of space and the old boy wasn’t cooperating at making me another section to plant, might be a section he may want to set the horses out to eat.


Shouldn’t complain, there are many people out there who would love to have a garden of any size.  There are just so many different types, colors, shapes and textures of pumpkins and gourds that it’s hard to choose.

Now it’s onto working with Bubba to get his mind focused on school and getting him to realize how important it is to put 100% into his work and not just do the work to get it done.  This boy of ours is so hard headed, he gets in trouble and gets upset but doesn’t want to do the work to improve what it is he gets in trouble for.  Seems to be a never ending circle.  Kaet was so easy, Bubba is proving that no two kids are alike.  This one is going to turn me grey before my time.  Just keep swimming!

It’s about that time…should start thinking about winding down for the night.  The evening is so beautiful that it can be hard to talk myself into calling it quits for the day.



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