31. August 2015

‘Tis Monday again!  Back to the ol’ grindstone!  

Have to get a kick out of Facebook posts on Monday’s about hating Monday’s, not one of those people.  Once school starts Monday’s become my day to do whatever and enjoy the peace and quiet after the weekend.  Although I am washing blankets and bedding this afternoon and hanging everything out of the line.  Perfect day for it after several days of being cool and cloudy.  Today, we have sun!

The girl has now been away at school for a little over a week now and Mama may finally be starting to miss her!  Doing pretty good so far though, haven’t been calling her 10 times a day.  Her afternoon ranch management class was canceled today, so I have called her a few times while getting a Scentsy order ready to put in.

It’s been nice to be able to look at Snapchat and see the fun she’s been having!  There are some things mom would rather not see though, you know, like swinging into a lake from a rope in a tree.  You know, the pictures she wants to share but won’t put on Facebook because Gramma has Facebook!

We have those days…between Kaet, my cousin Brooke and I, we all have days where we call one of the others and say…your grandmother, your mother, your aunt, is on Facebook today!  Love my mother but sometimes she writes things under our comments or pictures that make us shake our heads!  

Kaet and I actually have a system that seems to work for the both of us, with her being away at school and having her own freedom.  I tend to worry, just a titch…working on it and doing better.  Anyway, if it’s one of those days where she doesn’t want to call and chat or text, at the end of the day she’ll post something on Facebook or Snapchat and I know she’s okay. It’s actually kind of funny, when we haven’t talked for a day, in the morning she’ll post, “I’m Alive” on my FB wall.  Oh, that girl!

Had to have a little chat with Bubba on Friday and then again this morning while taking him to school.  One week into school and I’ve already received an e-mail from the school saying that one of his grades is too low.  The boy is smart, can being doing one thing and you swear he isn’t listening and he’ll turn around an hour later and ask a question about what is said when you swore he wasn’t listening.  When he actually tries he gets really good grades.  He’s already doing too much of the old, hurry up and get it done just to get it done, thing.  UGH!  First week of school…Grand!

We’d already taken the tablet and i-pod because he was staying up too late watching shows on Netflix.  The phone goes away at night no matter what.  Friday Kirk took the x-box privileges away.  Last night he was wanting his phone so he could listen to the old time radio shows he likes to listen to while he falls asleep, told him he’s going to have to learn how to go to bed without anything to listen to being that he jacks around too much.  I have no problem with him listening to a movie or whatever while he’s going to sleep, but when he’s playing a game or watching a show…doesn’t work.  

I like listening to the old radio shows myself when I go to sleep at night, but I put the blue tooth earphones in and set the machine under the bed, if he would just do that we would have no problems.  

Kaet was so much easier at this age, she learned how to go with the flow and do what was expected of her in most areas, this one likes to fight every rule tooth and nail.  From the stories I’ve heard over the years, Kirk was the same way.  

We did cross the border over into Nebraska yesterday for a little practice roping with family friends.  We spent more time socializing than anything.  Was nice to get out of the house and visit.





Best Wishes for good week!



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