Friday 4. September 2015


Happy Friday!  Patriot was enjoying munching on some grass on this beautiful afternoon!  Dad has the fly mask on, so all the better!


Edward was enjoying some pasture time as well. 

This old lady had her weekly doctor appointment for the majorly infected cartilage ear piercing I’ve been fighting for MONTHS…could have done the happy dance, Doc agreed that we are finally on the right medications!  Starting to see that light in the tunnel!  Now if I just would have stopped my ass at the chiropractor on my way home, have had about enough of my neck being out of wack and giving me this horrendous headache I’ve been fighting for a couple days.  Didn’t want to take the time, so going to be in hell until Tuesday.  My own damned fault.  


Checked out my sunflowers this afternoon, absolutely LOVE it when they start getting crazy huge!  My husband calls them weeds, but I enjoy them too much to not grow them.  He just grumbles from time to time and says he hopes they don’t start growing in the neighbors corn and soybeans.  


My mother-in-law called two days ago to give updates on my sister-in-law and her health.  In-laws are retired to Florida, the rest of us live around here.  We aren’t the best at checking in with one another or getting together, everyone living their own lives and doing completely different things.  It really is sad when I think about it because Kirk and his sister were the best of friends growing up and have grown apart over the years.


Shell hadn’t been feeling well for some time and after quite a bit of testing she has found that her kidneys are functioning at 18%.  This gal has always been very healthy except for a bad back.  Turns out one of the medications she once took for her back pain is the cause of this kidney problem, they have 75% scar tissue.  Won’t even try to pretend I can explain all the way and why fors, but it isn’t a good thing.  


Went into town to visit with her today.  Thankfully, she has a wonderful mindset about it all.  Can’t say as I’d be able to be so positive.  Told her that all she has to do is call or text me, if she needs anything, if even just to talk…she can call and text her brother all she wants but if she wants a response, she needs to holler at me too.  Being a cattle buyer he is on the phone day and night, seven days a week, he gets so busy that it’s easy for him to forget to make return calls when it isn’t work related.


Then she laid on the big news that just knocked the wind out of me, my mother-in-law’s baby brother, just turned 50 a couple months ago, was just diagnosed yesterday with cancer of the esophagus.  Won’t know the stage until this coming Wednesday, but apparently by the time signs begin to show themselves, it’s fairly well along.  I pray that isn’t the situation with Uncle Jay.  Love that man to pieces!


When I left the small town library that my sister-in-law works, Uncle Jamie was sitting out on his front porch, just across the street, so I walked over to chat with him.  He was in wonderful spirits!  We visited about the kids and their school.  Told him to holler at us for anything, just to have us stop in for a visit, we are less than a 20 minute drive away.

20150904_221859 (1)

Sometimes when it rains, it pours.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could all live happy, healthy lives with enough that’s needed to live!


Now, if we could just get the boy focused on school!  He says he really likes his new school!  Says he likes it way better than where he’s always gone.  Talk about a happy mama!  HOWEVER…one week into school and I’m getting daily e-mails on papers being turned in with below 80% scores.  It’s so frustrating when he is so book smart…he just rushes to get the work done so he can do what he wants.  We are constantly at him to bring his work home every night, bring all the books home every night.  It’s happened only once this week.  I love to read, read at least an hour a day, I can sit at the table and read of do bills while he is doing is work, that way I can help him when he needs it and I can look at his work to tell him if he needs to go back, slow down and do it again.  UGH!


Hoping it doesn’t take too long to get this routine into his head, or it’s going to be a really long year.  


With that, gonna call it a night…the icy hot seems to have kicked in and the pain is all gone!  Going to enjoy it!


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