14. September 2015

Tonight I’m really wishing that I lived closer to my cousin/best friend.  She’s 38 weeks pregnant with her fifth child and feeling horrible.  Her husband is away for the week for a work thing.  I know she has good friends where she lives, but from our visits the past few days, it seems like she’s needing more.  She needs her family.  She only lives about two hours away, I really should just hop in the car and surprise her.

Brookie and I grew up more like sisters than cousins.  When we were young we were always spending the night with one another.  We went on our first dates together.  We would spend the night with Gramma when we were kids, we’d watch Mr. Ed, The Monkees, The Munsters, F Troop and The Patty Duke Show late into the night.  Being farm kids, it was such a treat getting to watch cable!  


We have talked on the phone since before we had cordless phones!  We can talk absolutely for hours!  We can text one another at 1 a.m. with the need to talk and if the other is up, we’re on the phone.  We use one another as a sounding board. It’s not uncommon to pick up the phone and instead of saying hello, the one calling will start off with…okay, I just need to vent.  We don’t much tell one another what the other should do, we just listen to each other and we know that there will be no negative response.  Usually the response is along the lines of, I’m sorry, wish you weren’t having to deal with that right now or I wish there I was something I could do to make things better.

We can go months without talking, we don’t text other than to see if the other has time to talk.  When a call gets made after a couple months without talking, it’s just like no time has passed.  We can talk for two, three hours without blinking an eye.  I can get so much housework done while we’re chatting!  We even allow one another to vacuum when we are talking!  Any of my family can walk in the house, hear the way I’m talking and then say, Hi Brookie!  


Not to long ago I was thinking of how I really don’t have any “old friends”, friends that I’ve had since my school days, broke ties with once ago best friends before senior year even ended.  Kirk is my best friend, I have a lot of friends but not many good friends, my life revolves around my family.  Realized just now that Brookie is my life long friend.  She’s three years younger than me and we’ve always been friends.  We’ve cried and laughed and been pissed off together, we’ve been pissed off at one another, but we’ve always been there for each other.  She’s been one of the few constants in my life. Crazy!  Had never thought of that before.  


We even lean the same way politically!  Well, at least we are both crazy together!  


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