Sunday 20. September 2015

Sitting here watching a little Sister Wives, crocheting and attempting to learn how to do the knitting loom thing with help from you tube and working a little solitaire.  A peaceful ending to a really nice, low key weekend!


Bubba went out and about with a friend and his family this afternoon.  Nice to see him doing something with a friend, we haven’t been as good with letting him do things with friends as we did with Kaet and her friends.  Girls are just so much easier, boys tend to stress me out.  I know that I just need to bite the bullet and let him have friends over more, relax and just let it be, he is older now.


The neighbor lady came over for a couple hours yesterday afternoon.  We have such a fun time when we get together!  We laugh, a lot!  She brought over Miss Roxy and little Peanut with her, two of her chihuahuas, (the mother and little sister of our Ruby Pearl and Gypsy Rose) to play with our minions.  We did a Scentsy order, went through my pumpkin patch and discovered pumpkins that I hadn’t even noticed before.  We sat outside and just visited, let the dogs play and had Leo chase after them when they started heading away from the front yard.  So nice having a good friend so close to be able to pop in once every week or so and just visit!


(Miss Ruby Pearl)

With the help of Kirk and Leo, we actually brought in my flower garden on Saturday, I’d started doing it myself and then the boys finished up while Neighbor Jill and I were chatting.  I so love my sunflowers, seem to plant more and more each year, various sizes and colors, have even had neighbors say that they enjoy watching the giant ones grow throughout the summer.  Bringing them in are a bit of work, and then they have to be hauled off to the burn pile, can only imagine what they would do to the lawnmower blades.  I already tend to mow over things that I shouldn’t, I do try to act innocent when Kirk says he doesn’t know why the blades dull so fast….hmmmm?  He knows and knows that I won’t change.


(Finn and little Miss Gypsy Rose)

Kirk went to the Clay County Fair on Friday to watch the team roping.  This roping only takes so many ropers and once you have a spot it’s yours until you give it up.  It sucks, it lasts for hours and hours and there are no breaks…each header ropes with each healer, there are 20 or 25 rounds, everyone ropes once each round, it just gets to be a really, really long day, everyone winds up pretty cranky before it’s even half over.  Every year for years Kirk has said that he was going to give up his spot, this year he actually did it.  

He even went shopping for me!  He spoils me so!


Last week was such a good week.  Nothing major!  Leo has brought up all of his grades except for one…he’s going to get that sucker up no matter how much I have to harp at him!

He did get on as football manager.  First game was Thursday.  So tickled to see him getting involved, he’s stepping outside of his bubble!


This is the message my daughter sent me last night…this girl is too stinkin’ funny!  When I told her that I showed her dad, she was like, seriously?  Told her she knows I tell her dad everything…she shouldn’t have been surprised, it wouldn’t phase her to actually say that with him and her brother in the room.  We tend to talk openly in our family!  We tend to talk about just about everything!  

This week looks to be crazy busy.  Should fly right along!  Going to have to manage my time better than normal, work on the house and laundry in spurts where there is a little time.  Who am I kidding?  Going to have mountains of laundry and the house is going to look like a tornado or two had gone through by the end of the week.

We only live once!  There will be plenty of time to have a spotless house when the kids are gone!



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