Wonky Times

The past week or so has been wonky, to say the least.  I’m thinking a weekend getaway sounds pretty good right now!  Isn’t going to happen, but it sounds pretty damned good!  No responsibilities, no running in circles…just total relaxation!

Last week was homecoming week, team roping finals weekend, our local hamlet weekend fall celebration and to top it all off the girls were coming home to do homecoming, our hamlet celebration and shopping for business clothes for a college thing yesterday.  Kirk and I were meeting each other coming and going, one day he had to leave early to head up north for work and I had things going on in the afternoon and then he had roping in the evening, we didn’t see one another until almost midnight.

That time of year, my favorite time of year! 

Homecoming last week marked the 25th year since my senior year homecoming, so of course had to dig out the old pictures and post them to Facebook.

12043037_10207594262155477_8955168725623146026_n 12009827_10207594262795493_1755577289515714797_n 11037882_10207594259155402_6437486889700879499_n

It was Bubba’s first homecoming parade, the old school didn’t do them.  He got to ride the junior high football players float, he’s manager…of course I didn’t get a picture of that!



We played my sister’s kids’ school for the football game.  Had a nice time visiting, even though we had to leave just after half time.  Kaet’s ex-boyfriend was there with his current girlfriend and although she broke up with him and they are still friends, her seeing him with the new girl AND they both chatted with her little brother…she was seeing red and since I’d at least gotten to see the half time show, we called it a night.

Kirk and Dave roped down south all weekend, a good hour or so from here, so they traveled back and forth instead of camping for the weekend like we had at first planned to do.  It would have been nice to lay back and relax this one last time for the season, but there was just too much going on at home.


The boys didn’t do worth a crap.  Felt bad for them, but was tickled for them none the less, this was the first time in the several years they’ve been running the IRA circuit that they’ve qualified for the finals, think it’s only the top 16 or 18 teams in the IRA that progress to the finals.  Maybe next year they’ll get there again and do better!

We spent most of Saturday afternoon running in the city.  Kaet, Ryleigh, Bubba and I went for lunch at a nice little pub downtown.  Kaet got her hair cut and colored for fall and the girls found some nice business outfits for their business thing at UNL yesterday.  

The dance in our little hamlet was a lot of fun!  There weren’t as many people there as last year, but there were still a lot more people than our town’s population of round about 100.  There was a cattle show in Omaha over the weekend as well and many of the people that were at the party last year were at the cattle show with their kids.  Was able to chat with some friends I hadn’t seen in quite awhile and of course got some dancing in!  The girls came too!  

Sunday I started bringing in the pumpkin patch.  Normally don’t bring it in until mid-October, but we’ve gotten so much rain lately that I was leery about leaving everything on the ground with all that moisture.  


This was just the first days haul.  Have about three times this hauled in now.  Have three pumpkins left.  Two are going to take two people to lift and the third is going to take the loader to roll onto and move.  Have never had pumpkins so big ever! So stinkin’ excited!  Love this time of year, the gorgeous bounty displayed around the place.

Yesterday I started with decluttering.  I’m not a hoarder, but would say I’m pretty damned close.  Okay, so maybe I’m a cardboard box and plastic bag hoarder.  Just never know when they will come in handy.  The family likes to make fun of me. A few years ago gave my sister a birthday gift in a nice shoe box, about had the big one when she crunched it and threw it in the garbage!  Kept it inside, but damn, it almost hurt!

Anyway, it’s time for me to go through the basement and all the boxes of stuff that has accumulated over the past few years since the last time I went through things.  It’s just time.  We just have so much stuff.  There are clothes and coats that can go to the church for the twice a year gathering of clothes for the local people who need a hand and so many nice toys and books for the Christmas shopping day the church has for the kids each December.  Then there are just so many things that either need to go to the dump or need to go to the burn barrel.  

It’s time.

Walked upstairs yesterday to switch loads of laundry and found this little minion being naughty!


When I asked her what she was doing she laid down like, well, was planning on taking a nap.  These little buggers get away with so much more than what our big dogs did when we had big dogs.

This afternoon I was able to get in with our awesome masseuse, my back and neck were so jacked up and it was way past chiropractor time…now tomorrow I’ll go to the chiropractor and he should be able to get me back in place.  Always wait too long.  

Now….thinking it’s about time for a little Hannity before thinking about winding down and crashing for the night.


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