Monday Night…5. October 2015

Finn, thinking Leo wasn’t done with his homework tonight…or was wanting to check his work!  Seldom boring around here!

Have really been enjoying the fall weather and getting so much done outside around here!  Not as much as I could get done if I were to actually finish one project at a time, but getting a lot done.  I tend to hop from one thing to the next instead of finishing one thing and then moving onto the next.  Told Kirk last night that I should pry just make a list and cross things off as I go, he agreed, which was not what he was supposed to do…but that would be too damned simple.  

Eventually everything does get done, just in Feddersen time.  It gets done when it gets done and we show up when you see the whites of our eyes!  I used to be the complete opposite, Kirk has been this way since the day we met, it’s obviously rubbed off on me over the past 26+ years.  

Finished the last of the pumpkins yesterday…was so tickled to get this bugger up to the house.  Not sure just what to do with it yet, but it’s going to have to have something fun done.  Going to have to save some of the seeds for next year!

Have actually been enjoying treating family and friends with some of the bounty from the pumpkin patch this year.  Hadn’t been able to have one the past two years, so I’m even more thrilled to have had such a crazy outcome!  Told Kirk that next year we’re going to be tilling up more space, wasn’t able to get everything planted this year that I’d wanted.  Hell, we have 11 acres, he has a roping arena, two barns and a few dry pens and quite a bit of pasture.  Thinking he can give me a little more space for the garden.  

ANYWAY….my sister called me about 10:00 one night last week.  She asked if I’d talked to our cousin Brooke lately.  She’s my best friend I wrote about lately…she had her fifth baby on Sunday, she called and I’d talked to her that day for a bit, but hadn’t wanted to bother her, had texted her a couple days later and didn’t hear back from her and assumed she wasn’t in the mood for talking.  

TJ said that she’s just gotten off the phone with our aunt, Brooke’s mom…Brooke had a minor stroke before she left the hospital earlier in the week.  Holy Crap!  She turned 40 on Saturday.  Talk about a major wake up call.  She’s just under three years younger than me, TJ is five years older than me.  You know you hear stories of young people having strokes and heart attacks, but that’s just it, stories…thankfully she’s going to be okay, she can talk just fine and will have to do the therapy.  Really wakes a person up.

Told Kirk that it seems as though our families are falling apart around us.  His sister hadn’t been feeling well in ages, went in for a full check up and learned she has 18% function of her kidneys.  She’s never had kidney issues in her life.  Doctors found scar tissue in her kidneys.  She’s doing a treatment now, has her good days and bad days, but now that it’s known what’s wrong with her, the doctors know what to do to help make her quality of life better.  Found out about a month or so ago that my mother-in-law’s little brother has cancer and it’s not great.  He’s going through radiation and starts his second round of chemo on Friday.  One of my best friends from high school has fought cancer for a little over five years, broke her foot some time ago, cancer in the bone now.  

Kirk and I have both smoked since we were kids, and Kirk has chewed most of his life.  Although we don’t go crazy eating bad food, we don’t hold back from what we want either.  We drink on occasion.  People who do everything right still get sick, there are people who smoke and drink who are healthy all their lives and live into their 90’s…we both have the similar belief that when it’s our time, it’s our time…the Lord says when it’s time for us to leave this earth and whether or not we’ll come down with a disease or illness, no matter what we do.  Live life!  We only have one!


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