Tuesday 10. November 2015

20151107_072509Watched the debate tonight and as a conservative I have to say that my head hurts!  Some of the back and forth between some of these guys made me want to smack my head up against the wall!  Some of these guys just have to get out of the race.  Do have to say that after the mess of the last debate, was really happy with the moderators.


Have to say that if anyone ever has a cartilage ear piercing that becomes infected and after taking out the earring and treating with antibiotics ointment and the such hasn’t worked in a couple weeks, go to the doctor!

In January I had a new cartilage ear piercing that never stopped hurting, very different from the others I have had.  In February I had it taken out and treated it with the H2Ocean and Neosporin, the infection would start to get better and then worse and I kept putting off going to the doctor until JUNE!  Not the smartest decision I ever made.  

After having a culture taken of the yuck from inside the ear my general doctor gave me meds, the piercing would look good by the end of the round of antibiotics and two weeks later the sucker would be red and hurting again.  We went round and around and around a number of times until October when my doc said it was time to send me down the road.  

Wound up having to go to the hospital on the 30th and having a picc line placed in my arm and started my first two hour session of an antibiotics infusion.  After one week of infusions I was tested and one of the two bugs wasn’t showing better numbers so the one med was changed and am now down to a one hour treatment a day, seven days a week…today was day 12 of 21.

The treatment isn’t bad, have actually gotten some paperwork done that I’ve been putting off for too long, some book reading done, have been listening to a book on tape and have had plenty of nap time, the treatment is completely painless. The pain in the ass part is the 50 minute drive each way, to the city and back each day.  I’m such a hermit that this running each day has really started getting tiring.

My doctor is a really neat lady and we have had some interesting conversations.  On Saturdays and Sundays she is the only person in the place besides the three of us coming in for a treatment and only two people are hitched up at a time, so she has time to chat.  This gal is from Ghana and has some fascinating goals for her future and asks a lot of questions and shows real interest in what she’s asking about.  


We’ve actually been running around like crazy people around here over the past month.  The minions, Finn here…don’t like it when we are running in circles…he wants complete and total attention at all times!  

We just about have the place ready for winter, although it would be great if winter weather could hold off for another month. Kirk and Leo have been busy finishing the new horse stalls in the new barn and finishing up putting in new fencing.  I have just about everything done around outside the house area.


Have started tearing apart the living room and painting, it’s something that’s been needing to be done for quite some time. With my running to the city everyday it’s taking me a lot longer than I had hoped.  My goal is to just move from room to room and get the entire house painted, we’ll see how far we get.  I’m a little picky, so it’s something I prefer to do myself that way if there is a muck up, it’s my fault.


Tonight I thought I’d write and catch up from not writing for so long, when I’m sitting at the doctor and driving each day I have things going through my mind to write about and once I sit down at night I can’t seem to remember what I felt was something that was a good thing to write about.  Drawing a blank!



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