Thanksgiving Day


Have to say this has been the most depressing holiday of any sort that we’ve had in years…finding myself feeling blah this evening and as though today has been a day not unlike any other day.  

The weather turned crappy early morning, which was not unexpected…but had been hoping the weather man had been wrong and the day would be good for travel.  Before the snow began around noon, it had been sleeting for several hours.

Part of me had hoped mom would call of dinner, but that was not to be.  We were a party of seven, while we are only a  15 minute drive, in good weather and on good roads, from my folks, my aunt and uncle are a full couple hours drive away, so there was no way they were going to be able to make it.

There had already been issues a few weeks ago when my sister offered to have Thanksgiving (being half way between where we live and where my aunt and uncle live, if would have been a good half way point).  Most of us are go with the flow type of people, my sister is not.  She’s a middle child, think that may have something to do with it.  

A day or two after offering to have Thanksgiving she messaged me and asked how to go about telling out aunt and uncle that their dog would not be welcome at her house.  Ummm, when your aunt and uncle are over 70 and they have an exceptionally well mannered dog, it wouldn’t hurt a person to look the other day.  Then she complained that she wouldn’t really want our brother coming because all he does is sleep once the meal is over.  Really?  

So, me being the baby of the family, I told mom about the conversation.  She said to just message my sister and tell her we’d have Thanksgiving at our folks, their place is bigger and she’d planned on having it any way.  You can imagine that went over like a lead balloon.  

So, a couple days ago while talking to a cousin that my sister and I are both close to, I mentioned today and she told me that my sister was still planning on having Thanksgiving at her house and we’d just see who showed up.  UGH! Seriously!

I’m thinking that from now on I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and not relay messages anymore, just seems to get my butt in trouble with either mom or my sister.  I’ll just continue talking to our cousin when I need to get something out and leave it at that, we are each other’s sounding board on all things anyway. 


Soooo, this morning Kirk, Leo, Ruby Pearl and I loaded up and headed over to my folks.  Kaet and her boyfriend were already there, they are staying there while home for the holiday…more room and it makes my parents happy, Kaet is the first born grandchild and has a special relationship with my folks, they get so excited when she comes home, so she usually will stay with them.  

We had a really wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixings and some pretty good desserts.  Good conversation and maybe a little bit of giving a hard time to people…that SO wouldn’t be me 🙂  Mom always likes to point out that there were no problems until I showed up.  Again, being the youngest in the family, it is my job!

It was a depressing day though.  My brother and two of his kids were at a cattle show, his third was with her mother, my sister and her crew stayed up in their area of the world and of course my aunt and uncle weren’t able to make it.  It just wasn’t the same without a house full of people.  

When we were littles we always had a huge family gathering on my mom’s side of the family, it was always a long day playing with the cousins, being told to stay out of the kitchen and to go to the basement!  It was always one of the best days of the year, this year it was basically just another day.  

My in-laws live in Florida now and called my husband this morning to tell him they were spending time at the beach.  We don’t gather with his sister and her family anymore for holidays.  For a holiday freak like me, it’s just sad.  

I am one of those people who has the frame of mind that…damn it, it’s the holiday, we are all getting together and damn it, everyone is going to get along and like it!  Deal with it and pretend to like one another!!!  

I will wind this up saying that I am VERY thankful for this wonderful life the good Lord God has blessed upon me and my family.  We have way more good days than bad and we are fortunate to have a great many wonderful friends that we claim as family.  We have a roof over our head, food in the fridge and shoes on our feet.  We are truly blessed!  




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