Tuesday 2. December 2015


Ready for today to come to an end…been snowing on and off since early Monday morning, supposed to be tapering off here shortly!  As beautiful as it looked outside today and as mild as the temperatures were today, I am really ready to move on!  

We’ve had no school the past two days, with Thanksgiving break that means Bubba has been home for six days…six long days with two heavy snows that began as freezing rain…it’s time for the kiddos to get back to school!  Burn off a little energy!

Actually Bubba and I were able to burn off quite a bit of energy this afternoon when we did horse chores.  Have I said how spoiled these buggers are?  They all have their own stalls they go into to eat their grain, they each know which is theirs…it’s actually rather humorous watching them, Kirk has them on such a routine when it comes to meal time, they get huffy if you don’t move fast enough for them.  

Kirk had Bubba and I do the chores since he was busy this afternoon, what a free for all.  The ground hasn’t frozen yet, we had mud Thursday when the freezing rain and snow first hit, we’ve had close to a foot of snow, so you can imagine the slipping and sliding around just trying to walk from here to there.  

The best part was getting the pickup stuck in the driveway…seriously? Farm pickup is an old one with hubs that needs to be locked in to put in four wheel drive, we couldn’t get the S.O.B. locked in.  Fun times!  We eventually got out a couple boards to put in front of the back tires and were able to get the sucker up the hill to the house, thankfully!


Sun and 30’s for tomorrow!  Time to get out and about and get some fresh air!



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