Sunday 20. December 2015

Can’t believe the countdown has begun and I’m even less ready for Christmas than usual.  Starting to think I’m in some serious need for some rehab kind of place for people who have become lazy or people who just prefer to keep putting off things until last minute.  Are there places like that?  If not…thinking it would be a grand idea!

So….finally put the tree up yesterday!


Okay, a tree, not THE tree.  Finally finished painting the last wall in the living room and was able to get the do dads for the last wall off the living room floor and back onto the wall….so, it was time.

This was actually supposed to be THE tree…seriously thought this was a lot bigger, bought it last year and it seemed so much bigger, guessing it was up on a table and this old lady just forgot.  Imagine that?

Actually think that everything or almost everything gift-wise has been bought.  THINK is that word that always seems to bite me in the ass! Gonna have to go through things, sooner would pry be better than later. I never wrap until Christmas Eve, don’t ask why, there’s no tradition behind it at all.  We’ve never put presents out until Christmas Eve, so guess it’s just one more thing I do to stall the inevitable!

Have been in such a mood the past week or so.  Ran into the city one afternoon with the intention of getting Angel Tree gifts for the needy kids in our rural area, walking around the store and seeing all the fun toys and all the little kids really hit me hard and I had to go home.  My kids aren’t babies anymore, they aren’t even little kids…that magical part of Christmas is no more for them.  

When I talked to Kirk later in the evening I told him how the shopping had gotten me down and I just couldn’t do it and why, he told me that Kaet would take care of that in a few years and then I’d have a little one to play Santa for again.  When I told Kaet she was not amused…maybe someday.

I am going to meet a friend in the city tomorrow, we’re going to get our nails done!  She goes and gets hers done every two weeks and recently I’d mentioned that I hadn’t done it in years and had been thinking about it. She invited me to go with her, pretty excited!  From past experiences, guessing several nails will be long gone before Christmas Eve.  

Then it’ll be on to baking.  Have a few things mixed up and in the fridge, just have to put the old baking hat on and get the ass moving in that direction too.  Actually started a couple weeks ago, was making good progress until three little minions realized that there were good things to eat on the table and figured how to get the lids off my new tupperware Christmas containers.  Have lids now with tiny little chihuahua teeth marks from Larry, Darrel and Darrel helping themselves to the goodies.

Have Christmas cards almost half made out too!  This year no pictures, no letters, just Christmas cards with old fashioned hand writing inside.  First time in years I’ve done plain and simple.

In other news, our weather has been so crazy, it’s a wonder no one has gotten sick around here.  We’ve had cold and snow, we’ve had rain, we’ve been in the 50’s and we’ve had more mud than you can shake a stick at. As much as I hate to say it, ready for winter to hit so the ground will freeze good and hard enough to get rid of all this mud!

Three weeks ago we had this, 10″ of snow and two days off from school.


One week later we had this…


which was great, but that meant we had this…


poor old Bones water locked in the roping arena.  Definitely ready for a little bit of winter.  

Been just a little bit crazy!  Then again, it usually is crazy around here! Really wouldn’t want it any other way!  

Best wishes to one and all this week, whichever holiday you are celebrating or just have a great week to those who do not celebrate a holiday at this time of year!

Take Care…..and PEACE!


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