This Year Could End!

Seldom has a year hit this family with so many unhappy things popping up on a somewhat regular basis…seldom have we had years where I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say ENOUGH!  

This has been one of those years, too many heavy hearted moments for this crew. This Christmas we are celebrating the fact that we still have our loved ones with us and pray to the Good Lord Above for a Christmas miracle or two!  Going to hold on to our loved ones and thank God for letting these people be a part of our lives.

We have so seldom have had any major health issues in our family, my father has dealt with Agent Orange related skin cancer for many, many years.  Doctors told him he’d never see me (the youngest) graduate from high school, this year is my 25th high school graduation.  He’s never been hospitalized, he’s never been laid up in bed and unable to farm, even while making a four hour round trip, three days a week, on and off for years, for radiation treatments.  He’s 71 and still has more energy than I do.  Our daughter was diagnosed with asthma, allergies and eczema by the time she was three and only in August was given the green light to not have to go to the allergy doctor anymore unless she has an issue.  When she was a Freshman in high school she fell asleep while driving and spent a week in the hospital, one night in ICU.  These have been the worst things we’ve ever really had to deal with.  

This year we have been playing catch up.  

In August, Kirk’s uncle went to the doctor for pains he’d been having.  Cancer, a name I can’t even begin to write out, but basically throat cancer and it had spread to his liver as well.  After months of treatments we learn that the throat cancer is gone, the liver is now full of cancer and what you never want to hear…it’s in his lymph nodes.  This breaks all our hearts.  He’s only 50, the baby of the family.  He had some rough years some time back and he got himself straightened out a number of years ago and has really changed his life.  He never married, has no kids.  When his mom was sick with the cancer, he is the one who took care of her. He lived with her and did absolutely everything for her.  When she passed a few years ago, his world fell apart.  

A couple years or so ago he hired on with one of our local school districts as a janitor, he loved it and was so happy!  He enjoyed working with the kids and the kids really bonded with him as well.  

Last week I was messaged by a mutual friend to tell me the high school kids were getting together and going to bring him gifts and Christmas carol for him.  


 This crew showed up to surprise our beloved uncle!  Our community is small, less than 500 people in the entire town.  Amazing and heart touching doesn’t even begin to explain how we feel!  Small towns do come together and take care of their own!  Uncle J is the guy in the royal blue sweatshirt and ball cap…can’t even talk about this without breaking up.  These are some absolutely amazing kids!

We pray for a miracle, they do happen!  This guy is the absolute best and has always been a draw to the kids in our family.  Love him to pieces!  

A short time before Uncle J was diagnosed, Kirk’s sister wasn’t feeling well and went to the doctor.  She is having a hell of a time with kidney disease that she didn’t know she had, last check her kidney function was just under 20%.  She is thankfully doing somewhat better now, the doctors say she can live a long life, she’ll have to constantly be on the ball, but she’s going to be able to live a long life with some changes in her lifestyle.  

Lastly, my 39 year old cousin had her fifth baby this fall.  Such a happy thing! Last baby, beautiful little guy!  The day she was to check out of the hospital with her little guy, she has a stroke.  Four days later was her 40th birthday.  Thankfully with rehab exercises, she’s doing well now!  

There have been a handful of terrible accidents in our small area communities, friends whose cancer have spread, the death of a boy a few communities over who passed a few days ago after winning his wrestling match, while walking off the mat.

There are so many horrible things going on around our country and around the world, so many things that make us worry about the future of our kids and any children they may someday have.  We worry, but now being able to connect to the names and faces and places that we see on the television screen just don’t cause the heartbreak and pain that experiencing these things in our little area of the world, in our little communities.  

I pray so hard that we will have some amazing Christmas miracles coming our way and that this coming year will be one of healing and health for everyone!  

God Bless!  PEACE!

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