Tuesday 26. January 2016

Trying to get some motivation going for the day…it’s proving to be damned near impossible. Have my second load of laundry going, that’s as far as I’ve been able to shake it today.  

What am I going to use as my excuse for today?  Well, after a three day weekend of spending almost every waking moment with my family, just absolutely enjoying the quiet of it being just me and dogs home alone!  The weather is gorgeous today as well, supposed to hit 30 today, there is no bitter to the air, no wind to speak of and although the sun isn’t out, there is a bit of brightness when you step outside.  We haven’t had many of these days the past month plus, so absolutely loving it!  

Having an internal tug-o-war going on inside my head.  It is absolutely gorgeous out, perfect day to go and do some running…don’t have anything pressing that needs to be done, so there’s no need to getting out and about, on the other hand, it’s almost too beautiful of a day to stay indoors.  Being I’m home alone and we had those three days of people being home, the house could really use some TLC…it’s still early in the day (being a night owl, anything before 3 p.m. is considered early), so there’s time yet to decide on an agenda before running to get Bubba from my folks anytime after 4.  (We open enrolled him this year to where I went to school, we take him in the morning and he takes the bus to my folks in the afternoon)  

Well, an hour later and I am dressed for the day!  That’s a plus right there!  Yes!?  Still haven’t decided just yet as to the plan for the day…my bed and book keep hollering at me and I’m fighting with all my might…really thinking I want to make a city run, fighting the want to…Bubba has his guitar lesson tomorrow after school, so in all actuality, going for more yarn can wait.  In all seriousness, there’s enough yarn in the basement to start a small yarn shop.


Started this temperature afghan January 1st…crochet one row a day, each color stands for a temperature range and the color for the day stands for the high temperature for the day.  After seeing it yesterday, my mother said she wanted one, told her no, that she could make one herself…she could learn how to read a pattern (she makes only straight back and forth in double stitch, doesn’t want to learn how to read patterns, which works) and make her own.  

However…I’m going to surprise her…she and my dad’s 50th wedding anniversary is the end of February…going to make a temperature afghan for the year they were married.  There is a weather wunderground site and I can go back and see the weather for the year they were married.  Hoping I can get it done in time, if not, they’ll get what there is of it on their anniversary and will them finish it for them after.  Have several projects going on, bounce around from night to night on what I work on…hard to get bored that way.  

Guess that’s pretty much the way I live my life…bouncing from here to there, doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Keeps people on their toes, just never knowing just what it is I’ll be doing.  Come to think of it, we are all that way in this house.  

Life is short…live it by the seat of your pants!  



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