Wednesday 10. February 2016


Poor Bones, he really has suffered thus far this winter…someone should really put a scarf round his neck and possibly set out a bale of hay!  

You know you’ve gotten used to winter when it’s 20 degrees and a sweatshirt and gloves are more than warm enough to go out and do chores.  Lord, really getting sick and tired of this extreme winter we have been having this year…if we could get close to the 33 degree average for this time of year, would be absolutely awesome!  

Trying to stay positive, which is getting harder with each passing day, that the days should start turning warmer before much longer…lately it seems like with each passing week the temps are basically a few degrees colder than the previous week.  

Along with losing positivity, (is that a word? we’ll pretend it is!) my motivation has plain and simple headed down the road a few weeks ago.  Don’t know where it is, haven’t been able to find it…UGH!!!!….and it’s making me think I could be going crazy!

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