Pissed Off, To Say The Least

Getting so, no… have been so irritated, pissed off, agitated, oh, you know, the feelings change as the minutes tick past… about this entire election.  

Reading articles, reading social media posts, listening to various pundits and so on about the election.  The nasty, nasty things being said about the supporters of various candidates.  

I am all about getting down and dirty during the campaigns, that’s where we get a real window into who each candidate is…we get glimpses of the real person from time to time when the shutters fly open.  I’m all about the ugliness of long ago, before tv and radio, let it go…as of now we are STILL A FREE COUNTRY, although we seem to be losing our freedoms more and more with the passing of time.  

HOWEVER, with all that being said…I am so sick and tired of the slamming of the voters by those who don’t agree and are for another candidate.  People who are for this candidate are stupid, people who are for this candidate are insanely stupid and so on and so forth….I am such a political freak but I would NEVER slam another person for preferring a candidate I don’t care for, last I knew we are all allowed to believe as we believe, wouldn’t it be boring as hell for everyone to believe and think in the same way?  

There really is no reason for all the ugliness.  I like x, my cousin likes y and doesn’t like x at all…I can vote for y but he just isn’t my cup of tea…we debate between ourselves but we don’t get into the whole…you are such an idiot for liking y, well you are stupid for liking x…it’s not productive.  

I just find that more and more slamming of the voters is happening and by people in the press, politicians on both sides of the aisle and other voters, to the point of, in my opinion, a line is being crossed.  Slam the candidates, I think x is no good, I think y would ruin the country…that’s what they have to live with being a candidate, but the constant shaming and degrading voters, absolute bullshit…in my personal opinion, which I do believe I still have the right of!  For how much longer, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.  

Rant over….



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