Wrong Time

Ever wondered if you were born at the wrong point in time?

A few weeks ago while flipping through the channels I ran into The Lone Ranger and figured, what the heck, hadn’t seen the show since I was a little kid when from time to time it would be on in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday, that was when we still had the four basic channels.

The show triggered such a response in my Finn that I set the DVR to record the series, that brought me to discovering The Roy Rogers Show, Daniel Boone and rediscovering The Andy Griffith Show.  The DVR is full of the shows now.  To tell the truth, I’ve gotten so into these old shows that I’ve found I’d rather have these shows on at night instead of my usual shows, although I still work in Hannity and O’Reilly!!!

The show that has really hit me has been Andy Griffith.  I’ve seen many scenes that have brought me back to my youth in the 70’s and early 80’s.  So many things that were acceptable then that are no longer looked kindly upon.

The sheriff delivering a baby and then excusing himself so as to go have a cigarette on the porch and actually showing him smoking.  Little boys playing on the sidewalk downtown, playing cowboys and bank robbers with their little plastic pistols.  The kids being told to go out to play and to be home by supper.

Looking at how people lived back then, that’s what I want.  Of course, I know the shows are sensationalized, more cheesy than what life really was like, but I don’t think they were all that far off point.  It’s a simpler time…a time that speaks to me.  

The past number of years my mom and her brother have told stories of their growing up in the 40’s and 50’s so many wonderful stories of a simpler time, a time that I honestly believe would best suit the type of person I am.  

Thinking of how life was when I was a kid and of this time my kids are growing up in, I fear for what’s to come.  How much more advanced will civilization be by the time my kids have kids?  How much more dangerous will our society be?  How much more hectic will society be?  How much more hectic?  I can’t even begin to imagine and the thought truly terrifies me.  

As much as I enjoy most modern technology, I really do believe I was born at the wrong time, the first part of the twentieth century feels like so much more of an appealing time.  


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