Babysitting Experience

Talk about going full circle…today I babysat for a sweet little year-and-a-half old daughter and granddaughter of a couple guys building the hay loft in our new shed…her father was my daughter’s first boyfriend way back when they were my youngests age.  Crap, seven years ago…makes me feel more than just a little on the old side.  

I was a bit nervous when Austin asked yesterday afternoon, I hadn’t done diapers since Leo was in diapers, he’s 14.  But, just like riding a bike, easy peasy.  

Austin and I had stayed in touch over the years, he messaged me when sweet Aubrey was born and again a couple weeks ago when his second daughter was born.  City kid turned farm boy, he was a shit when he was Leo’s age, but I could always sense he was a good kid with a good heart. So good to see him having settled down and gotten married and having turned into the good husband and father I remember him telling me we wanted to be someday.  We had several heart to heart talks in the year he and Kaet dated and I still see him as a second son.  So, I was tickled when he asked if Aubrey could hang out with me for the day.  

Nothing makes a person realize how messy and filthy their house is like having a little in the house.  Such a sweet little thing!  Neither of our kids were near as mellow as this little gal.  We had Disney Jr. on, got out the tupperware and plastic spoons, a couple stuffed animals and we had easy going all day.  We even got an hour nap on the couch.  

Boy, it sure was a change having a little in the house again.  Was fun and told her dad he could bring her round anytime.  



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