Holiday Crazy Lady

We’re about to Easter, one of my favorite family holidays. When my siblings and I were littles we had big time family gatherings each year at Easter with mom’s side of the family.  There were a crap ton of us Krueger cousins and we were all always there! Gramma, four siblings and their spouses and all their yahoos, it was a full house each and every year.  Great memories!  

SO, all these years later and sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in my direct family who cares about the family getting together on the holidays.  

Guess it started a few weeks ago, Kaet and I were talking about spring break for college being combined with Easter this year. She said she didn’t really want to come home for break (she has a boyfriend out in NebraskaLand).  Okay, fine…don’t come home for Easter…that’s fine, let your mama not have both of her children with her for such an important holiday.  Later she came back and said she would come home this coming Monday and head back to NebraskaLand on Friday.  Well, that brought out the mama bitch, I was an rip for days and couldn’t stand myself let alone anyone else…why come home at all?  

A few days later I was talking with my mom and mentioned Easter.  She didn’t think she wanted to do anything this year. SERIOUSLY?  What in the hell is up with my family?  Kirk and Leo are both of the mindset of “whatever, just tell us what you decide”.  My dad is the same way.  My brother is more like me and my sister doesn’t really care one way or another, her husband’s family do the big time family thing for Easter.  

Mom must have thought more deeply, a few days later she said she was up for Easter, we could have it at her house and I can cook, sister too if she and her family came, my brother always brings all sorts of food.  Kaet finally must have realized just how much having her home meant, so she and her boyfriend are coming home.  You know, I feel that I would have been okay if she stayed out their if she’d said they were doing the holiday with his family, but it sounded like their would be no holiday gathering with his family.  Easter is just such a big thing for me, what it stands for, and just feel that it’s such an important time for family to be together, you know?  

So, now we are meeting at mom’s.  Sister and her family are doing the other side of the family.  Haven’t heard from my brother or his kids yet.  I have the ham and the turkey and mom is going to cook them and I’ll do the rest.  

Very excited to have the family, or at least part of the family together for a big meal on one of the most important days of the year!  

Now if I can talk my husband into having a get together with his family, that would be icing on the cake!  I learned years ago that I can’t push him when it comes to him family, so it’s a take it as we go kind of thing.  

Best wishes to all!  


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