Easter 2016

We have another holiday down in the books.  Everyone got along!  Lots of good food and visiting! Even time for a nap!  It was a good day all around!  

Thursday I baked sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips.  Saturday I frosted the cookies and baked cupcakes and this morning I shaked a booty and frosted all 50+ of them.  

This noon we met up at my folks and had a nice Easter dinner, ham and all the fixings!  Was nice but pretty sad, besides my folks and me and my group, my brother was the only other one able to make it.  Nothing like Easter of when we were kids with over a dozen kids running around and getting in trouble for being in the kitchen.

We were able to get home in time to take a bit of a nap before heading to Kirk’s side of the family for supper.  Kirk’s home is home from Florida for a couple week visit, so it was us and Kirk’s sister’s family and one of the uncles and part of his group, a great aunt and one single uncle.  We had us a good group of family to sit and visit!  

There was a lingering sadness to the gathering though.  Kirk’s sister is going through some health issues, she has surgery later this week and begins dialysis before long.  She has a long road ahead of her that will hopefully end with a successful kidney transplant.  Kirk’s great aunt is getting up in age, has been having back problems that the doctors haven’t been able to figure out over the past couple months.  Kirk’s single uncle is battling cancer, is in pretty tough shape and unfortunately there is nothing more that can be done for him.  

Since late summer it seems as though there has been one person after another, either close friends or family who have had problems with their health.  It has really awakened Kirk and I to the fact that one just never knows.  We don’t worry so much now about how spotless the house is, we live in our home.  Clothes are washed, dishes are done, the house is clean and orderly (except for Leo’s room), but we just don’t fret if things are messy for a day or so, there are more important things in life.  If it comes down to cleaning house or doing something last minute with family or friends, we choose family and friends.  We only have one life to live!  


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