Friday 25. March 2016


‘Tis that time of night again, relaxing in my Mama Cave with my Finn and watching a little Andy Griffith.  The Old Boy is upstairs watching cage fighting and the kids are spending the night with my folks.  

Kaet and her boyfriend made it home late yesterday afternoon and went to the roping barn with Kirk and Leo and then spent the night with my folks.  They always stay with Gramma and Grampa, more room and they get spoiled.  Gramma waits on them!  

Kaet and I went to the city and met up with friends for dinner this noon.  Had a good visit!  We picked up a little of this and a little of that for Easter and hit the road for home.  The city was an absolute mad house, wasn’t staying there any longer than necessary.  

The big news of the day is that Leo passed his test and is now owner of a drivers permit.  My baby! Big step for a kiddo, opening a new chapter for him.  Kind of a sad day for mom though.  



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