Holy Crap Balls…this old lady is a creakin’ this morning…

There’s an Eric Church song that I absolutely LOVE, “Creepin”.  On mornings such as this I find myself singing the word Creakin’ to the sound of Creepin in the song, in my head.

Have a crap load of things that need to be gotten done today, things that have needed to have been done throughout the week…I wait until Saturday and then pressure myself into thinking everything needs to be done today. 

Going to go visit Kirk’s uncle this afternoon.  He was in the hospital most of last week for dehydration, he made it home earlier this week.  Have his Christmas present in my vehicle, which is absolutely uncalled for when we live maybe 20 minutes from him.  That’s what you call laziness my friend!  We suck at going to visit people, we have the best intentions to go and do and go and visit, but when it comes down to it, we seldom get those things done.  We like to be hermits.

With that being said, this old girl needs to run to the grocery store quick…the boys may want dinner and it’s almost noon.  Had a protein shake a little while ago so this old girl won’t need anything until later in the day.  Hopin’ for a productive day!


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