A Week in Pictures

Caught a few good shots over the past week and thought to share.

This one, Gypsy Rose looks so pitiful, just before I took this she actually had her little head snuggled into the crook of Leo’s neck.  They were headed to bed and she always hates to call it a night, we get the same look when she peeks out from the pile of blankets on his bed in the morning.



She is a goon, our little clown.  The next day she was wallowing against dad while watching the noon news/weather.

This one is our real challenge.


Ruby Pearl seems to think she’s part cat.  Left the room for maybe a minute at the most and came back to her drinking my protein shake.  Always getting on the table and helping herself when no one is looking, the reason why the only time anything food or drink related left on the table is by accident.  

Had to run to Sioux Falls toward the end of the week.  Ate at my favorite little diner down in the older part of town, shopped a bit, found a few things at an antique shop.  This area has some absolutely beautiful art work.




Crazy week, looking to be an even crazier one this week…keeps us young, right?


Or maybe in just a little less trouble?!  We only life once!  



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