Monday 25. April 2016

UPS man brought me a new box today!  Well, brought my new Scentsy order, but I’m always happy to get a new box.  Never know when a box will come in handy…and it irritates the crap out of my family!  Win/Win!  

Now I’m just waiting on the Schwan’s man to show!  

Trying to figure out the direction of my week.  Would be easier if I knew the way The Old Man’s week was looking.  

Bubs and I finished painting his bedroom yesterday.  Would love to start ripping out the carpet this afternoon, but with my luck, I’d do it wrong and would have to listen to The Old Man bitch about it….BUT, if I were to get it done, he’d have to make the time this week to work with me to get the new flooring down. 

Would love to get that room finished before Kaet comes home from college next week…and to be able to get things moved around so I can start painting the next bedroom. That would mean that what I want done would have to come first and that just doesn’t happen around here.

Well, hell…suppose it’s about time to get some work done around here…



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